Article: Top 10 K-Pop Idols, Their Sun Signs, And MBTI Types

Everybody loves to do personality tests, and when you get to know a celebrity has similarities to you, you relate to them more. Recently, we have seen some viral tests and people's interest in understanding the sun signs or their Myers-Briggs Personality type to find out what kind of personality the idols we cherish have. Some famous and rising K-Pop icons have their sun signs and MBTI types.


1. GOT7

GOT7 might have disbanded, but the seven-membered group has left a mark on the music industry. And it is now focussing on their careers. Still, their MBTI types are as follows- Mark is an ISTJ, Jinyoung and Youngjae are both ISFJ, JB is an INFJ, Jackson is an ENFJ, BamBam is an ESTJ, and lastly, Yugyeom is an INFP.


2. BTS

The worldwide famous boy band has seven members, where both Suga (Min Yoongi) and Jungkook are INFP types, Namjoon (RM) and Taehyung (V) are both ENFPs, Jin is an INTP, and J-Hope (Hobi) is an ESFJ. Lastly, Jimin is of the ENFJ personality type.


3. Stray Kids

Stray Kids, the boy band, has eight members, where three of the members, I.N, Seungmin, and Lee Know, are ESFJ, Bang Chan is an ENFJ, Changbin is an ENFP, Hyunjin is an ENTP, Han is an ISTP, and lastly Felix is an ENFP. These are the psychological profiles of the types released online.


4. Seventeen

The boy band has thirteen members, where Wonwoo, Woozi, and The8 are all INFJs, and Joshua, Mingyu, Dino are of the ENFJ type. S.Coups, Jun, Hoshi, and DK are all INFPs, whereas Seungkwan and Vernon are ENFPs. Jeonghan is the only one who is of the ISFJ type.


5. Jisoo (Blackpink)

In cases of MBTI, the rarest type of MBTI type seen in K-Pop idols is an ESTJ (also known as the Executive). They are the type to deal well in their relationships and work environment. Jisoo from Blackpink is one of these rare gems. Some other examples are Kim Lip from the girl band LOONA.


6. Nayeon (TWICE)

Nayeon from TWICE is an ISTP. ISTPs are introverts known to be creative and are the type to take risks and experiment with themselves and their surroundings. The type is also known as "Virtuoso." Some other examples are Eunha from GFRIEND, the girl band.


7. Ryujin (ITZY)

Ryujin is of the personality type INTJ, also known as the "Architect." Their specialty lies in devising strategic and well-thought-out plans, with the added benefit of being creative and meticulous with the given tasks. Some other examples of the types are APink's Naeun, and the recent fame from Doom At Your Service, and the member of the boy-band SF9, Dawon.


8. Sooyoung (Girl’s Generation)

Sooyoung seems to be a perfect fit for her personality type. She is an ESFP who is also known as the "Entertainer." As we can already figure out from the name, this type loves to be under the spotlight and is excellent at being the party's life given the enthusiasm and energy they exude in their environment. Some other examples are Cosmic Girl's Exy and Jinyoung from CIX.


9. Lisa (Blackpink)

Talking about horoscopes and sun signs, one of the most hard-working signs is an Aries, which our Blackpink Fame, Lisa, is. They are the type to gain steady momentum and rise to the occasion than achieve their goals at once. They are highly competitive, but they value their interpersonal relationships just as much.


10. Tzuyu (Twice)

Tzuyu from the girl band Twice has the sun sign Gemini. One of the rarest types for a K-Pop idol after Cancer. Geminis are known to be quick-witted and very good socially. They understand in any situation. Hence, the Twice member is known to be witty and savage.