Article: Top 10 K-Dramas You Should Watch According To Your Personality Type

The most significant task for a binge-watcher is to select the next drama they are going to binge on. As a K-Drama addict, I have tried various techniques to come up with the best recommendations. In the past, we used to decide what drama to watch based on our mood and the genre but now there is more variety to even select the kind of drama you should watch, one of the trends being a selection of drama using our MBTI type, shocked?

Let’s find out more about such recommendations and see the authenticity of the same. Here are some of the dramas based on your MBTI (Personality type)-


INFJ are individualists; they are the type to put their faith in that one character who carries the entire show. They are firm believers in the works of Karma, and therefore value pure satisfaction in a drama. Therefore some suggestions for such a type are It’s okay, It’s Love; Kill Me, Heal Me; Good Doctor, and Uncontrollably Fond.



People with a personality type of ISTJ can highly relate to the character of the drama, Crash Landing on You, a mega success. Both the leads portray a lot of characteristics of an ISTJ personality, having emotional blockages, but being a badass and loyal, you can tell.



INFPs are the type to binge-watch the entire drama without being bothered about the time or the need for a healthy routine. ISFPs are deeply invested in the shows they watch. Therefore Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, is one of the best suggestions because they are the type to think of a person’s struggles and life and being empathetic.



ISTPs are the type to be very determined when they set a goal, they are bound to achieving it no matter what. ISTPs are the type to fix any issue that may come their way and keep moving for the better. Suggestion for an ISTP type would be Itaewon Class the story has many ambitious types who are set out to achieve new heights of success.



ESFJ have their feeling and extroverted part activated, so you can easily tell they are emotional, kind people. Romance is a Bonus Book is one of the best suggestions for the type given that the story is a dramatic one, which is all about the small, satisfying details full of caring and helpful people, with pure intentions of wanting to achieve success.



INTJs are very logical as a personality type therefore, they like dramas that act as a task for them to think. They are the type to analyze every move, every plot and are into well-written dramas like Cheese in the Trap, Signal, K2 and, I’m Not a robot. They need logical endings and a clean plot, they cannot handle messes.



INTPs are the crazy theory finders. They are the type to sit and predict the plots, twists, and endings from the very beginning; they are creative and think of all the possibilities. For such thinkers, drama suggestions would be W: Two Worlds; Chicago Typewriter; I Can Hear Your Voice; While You Were Sleeping.



The natural leader, but also the type to rebel when not given equal opportunities. ENTJ-type personalities are the type to root for characters who rise to the situation no matter the odds and root for such badass characters; therefore suggestions for this type would be Avenger Social Squad; Love in the Moonlight; Chief Kim, and Hotel King.



ENTPs are all in for the dialogues. They are lovers of great literature and perfect scripts; they love expressions through words, even arguments need to be well written. Like ENTJ, they love a good rebel to fights for the rights of self and others, and therefore, suggestions are Suspicious Partner; Descendants of the Sun; Lucky Romance.


10. ISFP

ISFPs are the type to root for characters no matter where they come from since they believe in good character development. Being non-judgemental is at the root for them, and belief in judging a person based on their current situation instead of their past; suggestions for them are The Biggest Hit; A girl who sees Smell; Flower Boy Ramen Shop.