Article: Top 10 Pre-Debut Groups With High Expectancy

Idols are showcased to the K-Pop stands either by selecting them through auditions or revealing their members through social media. Groups selected through auditions or survival shows are sometimes painful to watch when the members get eliminated. They release pre-debut digital singles to grab the fan's attention. Then they come up with a mini-album to debut in the industry. Famous groups like Twice, Stray Kids, Seventeen, Momoland, BigBang, iKON, Tomorrow x Together, and many more debuted through survival shows. This article lists the top 10 pre-debut groups expected high among K-Pop stars that could debut late in 2022 or 2023.

1. Trainee A

Trainee A is a six-member boy band to debut under BigHit Entertainment. The members have their social media accounts and post regularly. Three of their former members have said to leave the group during the pre-debut. The known members are Sangwon, Jame, Jihoon, and JJ  joined in 2021, and the last two, Woochan and Yorch, joined in 2011. This group currently has a high expectancy among K-Pop stans and is expected to debut in 2022.


2. Dios

An expected four-member boy band under the B.M Music Lable, DIOS, has released their pre-debut song "Touch Me" later in 2021. The members of the group DIOS are Jay, Hyun, Woojung, and Loki. They even have their fandom name as DUO, and their fandom color is blue. Their debut date is unknown.


3. Babymonsters

BABYMONSTERS is a two-member girl group consisting of Jane and Vicky. The group is officially under one of YG Entertainment's subsidiaries, Shiny Star Culture. Both of the girls are Chinese. They named themselves "BABY MONSTERS" from a survival show, "Youth With You." They are to debut late in 2022, and K-stars are eager for them.


4. GLX-D

GLX is an upcoming girl group under "Shinwha Entertainment." The group is said to have seven members, and now, only five are known. The group is said to have many international members with nationalities like Russian, Indian, French, Korean, and American. The entertainment has commented that the group is preparing songs and is said to make its debut in 2023.


5. G-EGG

G-EGG stands for Global Egg. The group is a Korean-Japan collective group consisting of twenty members, ten members each from the two nationalities put into a team of four under Y-NA Entertainment. Among their four units, A, B, C, and D, Team C released their first song in 2020. Other details, like their official debut as a group, are not known.



The three-member pre-debut boy group DREAMER is under THINK ABOUT Entertainment. K-Stars believe that more members could join the group later. About six members had already left the group during their pre-debut. The company re-introduced its members in 2022 before its introduction in 2020. Their debut date is not known.



ABLUE is an upcoming boyband from J-Star Entertainment. The six-member boyband is said to debut in 2022. All the members of ABLUE are former members of groups like BECK, ZPZG, Limit, etc. The entertainment officially started revealing its members in 2021. More members are likely to get added to the group.


8. JYP Loud

The members of JYP Loud are a group formed during the SBS audition, "LOUD," held in 2021. The group contained nine members, but four members, unfortunately, were eliminated. The trainee group's debut date is unknown. The group includes both Japanese and Korean members. The members of JYP Loud have been training their company idols like Stray Kids and ITZY.


9. Delight

Delight is a group formed by social media influencers and well-known vloggers who have their own Youtube Channels. The five-member group is under Purple Entertainment, created by Big Marvel. The known members of the group are Yueun, Sia, Pin-A, Dami, and Pichu. Their debut date is unknown, but they are said to debut soon.


10. Inter Girls

A four-member girl group formed under Inter B.D Entertainment, Inter Girls, is said to debut in 2023. The presently active and revealed members of Inter Girls are Soul, Dara, Seolhwa, and Whynn. Their pre-debut single, "Bappeunikka Kkeuneo," was released in early 2022. Lua was a former member who left the group during her pre-debut.