Article: Top 10 Most Hilarious K-Pop Idols Who Will Make You Laugh

When we talk about the funniest Kpop idols, we forget their great stage performances for the second. When they appear on variety shows, they transform into other characters. They can be sincere & humorous at the same time during theatrical performances. Furthermore, their stunning visuals and look almost fool us. So, here is the Top 10 Most Hilarious K-Pop Idols who will Make You Laugh

1. Jackson - Got7

The most amusing K-Pop idol is Mr. Manner Hand. Jackson GOT7 is known for being extroverted and having a fantastic sense of humor. He has a friendly personality that makes others feel at ease around him. Jackson is therefore entertaining himself and making friends very fast. In one situation, when he attempted to touch the mystery box, it was hilarious how loudly this guy kept screaming.

2. Kwanghee - Ze: A

He is the most likable idol, thanks to the shameless discussion about his numerous cosmetic procedures! Kwanghee, who is always willing to go above and beyond when necessary, had the funniest expression as he couldn't stop fanboying over Jennie of BLACKPINK gave him courage during his compulsory military service.

3. Seungkwan - Seventeen

Seungkwan may have a strong voice, but he also has a cheerful attitude, making it enjoyable to witness him in a multicultural setting. He acts dishonestly and generates some of the most exaggerated responses. Additionally, he enjoys taking advantage of any chance to perform for the camera.

4. V - Bts

V from BTS is undoubtedly one of the funniest idols. He always had a great time with the members. In a show unexpectedly, he danced with stockings on his head, played with his hair, and wore high heels. He is being playful and unpredictable. He always tries to be unique in some or the other way.

5. Sooyoung - Girls Generation

Sooyoung enjoys being fun. She enjoys pulling practical jokes on the group, dressing up as famous people, and saying clever things. The household Sooyoung's mother described as having "her room looks like a trash can" on a nationwide broadcast appears to be the comedian's side.

6. Heechul - Super Junior

Super Junior's Heechul, the funniest K-Pop idol master, is impossible to forget. Heechul is different from Super Her Junior, a humorous K-Pop boy in his band. Despite being regarded as the wild's idol, he strangely isn't embarrassed to play pranks on his brother. He is possibly the most prosperous K-Pop idol in the comedy and music industry.

7. Btob

Btob's shameless pranks and strong chemistry continue to make fans laugh. The group members like making fun of one another, but their continual laughter makes them charming. There are too many amusing and enjoyable moments for Btob to count.

8. Ong Seong-Wu - Wanna One

Ong Seongwoo got recognized for his outstanding visuals in the early seasons of Produce 101. His attractive appeal captivates the judges as well as the viewers. His persona as an actor makes him our idol. Most significantly, he takes on the role of Wanna One's face. Later, his sight deceives us. Surprisingly, he portrays the body gag and has a terrific sense of humor. He gets the funniest jokes on the spot.

9. Haechan - Nct

The most talented of the funniest K-pop stars is Haechan. At first, we could not believe he was capable of anything absurd. He later reveals that when it comes to having fun. He can be quite a troublemaker. We are dying because of that little thing. In particular, he is the master of NCT cover dances. He is undoubtedly the funniest K-Pop idol and also the most gifted.

10. Hani - Exid

After uploading a fan cam video on YouTube, Hani immediately gained popularity. However, her variety program helped her earn even more fans. She captivated the audience with her simple and direct carefree personality. She combines intelligence, humor, and beauty in all their best forms.