Article: Top 10 K-Pop Stars Who Are Siblings

You would find it fascinating when you will get to know that some K-pop idols are siblings in real life. And when some of them share the limelight, the fans' excitement reaches the next level. The advantage of being siblings in this competitive K-pop industry is that there will be good support for each other. It is an excellent thing because it is rare to find artists from the same family entertaining us in the K-pop industry. Here we go with the list of K-pop stars who are siblings in life.

1. Jessica And Krystal Jung

Jessica Jung and Krystal Jung are sisters in real life. Jessica Jung holds a multi-faceted personality as an actress, singer, songwriter,  fashion designer, and businesswoman. She is renowned for her association with the South Korean girl group "Girls Generation" and proved her caliber there as a solo artist. Just like Jessica Jung, her sister Krystal Jung also hails fame among the people. This talented girl was also a part of a South Korean girl group called f(x). SM Entertainment introduced both these girls to the entertainment industry.


2. Sandra Park And Park Sang-Hyun

These K-pop star siblings inspire all the siblings out there because they support each other earnestly. Park Sang-Hyun is renowned by his stage name Thunder. He has worked as a singer, actor, model, and songwriter. Park Sang-Hyun is a member of MBLAQ. Sandara Park, fondly called Dara, was a former member of the 2NE1 group. The siblings made their entry into the entertainment field during the same period.


3. Jeongyeon And Gong Seung Yeon

Jeongyeon turned out to be a superstar in 2015 when she entertained us through her performance in TWICE. This girl group is still doing incredible work. Jeongyeon has an elder sister Yoo Seung Yeon. She is well-known by her stage name, Gong Seung Yeon. This pretty girl started her career in 2015, like her younger sister. She garnered the audience's attention by winning first place in SM Entertainment's Best Youth Selection Contest while in elementary school. And from then onwards, the entertainment industry got a good singer.


4. J-Hope And Jung Jiwoo

These siblings have proved themselves in different platforms of the entertainment industry. While J-Hope, whose real name is Jung Ho Seok, has been associated with BTS, the renowned band since 2013, Jiwoo is a famous YouTuber and fashion magnet. Jiwoo is also a social media superstar. We all know that BTS's popularity rose substantially in the past few years. J-Hope, who is full of positive energy, released the mixtape "Hope World," where he talks about the story of his journey to fame. This album made him the highest-charting soloist of Korea when it was released.

5. Lee Chan Hyuk And Lee Su Hyun

Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Su Hyun are a South Korean sibling duo who had shared the limelight. They are called AKMU (Akdong Musician), and their first album, Play, was well-recognized. The later albums Spring and Weather added a feather to their illustrious cap. This duo has also worked independently. Lee Su Hyun released her single, Alien, in October 2020 after capturing the audience's attention through AKMU. This sibling duo has made their fans happy with their fantastic music since 2014.

6. Han Seung- Woo And Han Sun-Hwa

Here is another sibling duo who works in the same K-pop industry. Han Sun Hwa entered the industry first, and Han Seung Woo followed her. Seung Woo is associated with the boy group VICTON and is fondly called "Captain Seungwoo." VICTON made its debut in the music empire in 2016, and since then, the group has been making us jovial with their music. This seven-member group has shot to fame through their outstanding tracks that include "Remember Me," "Pretend Nothing," and "New World." In June 2021, Seung Woo declared his military enlistment. Han Sun-Hwa was associated with the girl group Secret. She has won people's hearts with remarkable projects like "God's Gift – 14 Days", "My husband, Mr. Oh," etc.


7. Lee Chae Yeon And Chaeryeong

Lee Chae Yeon and Chaeryeong are well known as the ChaeSis sister duo. Chae Yeon is the elder sister of Chaeryeong. They both have proved their worth in the K-pop industry. Not only did they impress the viewers with their astonishing dance sequences but also with the bond that they share. These sisters share some resemblance in their looks. Isn't it?


8. Kwangmin And Youngmin

Kwangmin and Youngmin, the boyfriend band fame, have marked their presence among the viewers through their similar looks. These twin brothers joined as members of Boyfriend in 2011. There were a total of 6 members in this group. They have a good rapport with each other, and it will give comfort to the brothers knowing that they are working in the same group. Though their band broke down in 2019, the group surprisingly reunited in May 2021. Want to know why? To celebrate their 10th anniversary.


9. Minah And Lina

Bang Min-ah, popularly known as Minah, is the elder sister of Lee Ji-Yeon, who is commonly known as Lina. While Minah belonged to the Girls Day group, Lina was a member of Wanna.B. Minah has worked on various solo singles. She has also showcased her acting skills in multiple films and television series like "Roller Coaster." Lina is also a singer and actress by profession.

10. Zico And Woo Tae Woon

Woo Ji-ho, popularly known through his stage name as Zico, is the younger brother of Woo Tae Woon (Woo Ji Seok). Woo Tae Woon was one of the members of Zico's group Block B. If you already know about this fact, then I must say your knowledge of the K-pop industry is appreciable. These two brothers do outstanding work at rapping and composing.