Article: Top 10 Chinese Celebrity Couples With Unsuccessful Love Stories

Some love stories are never really fulfilled and rather just end tragically. Though nobody can predict if their love can last long or not, however regardless of whether the love story is successful or unsuccessful, it doesn't change the fact that there was indeed a love that bloomed between two people. Especially in the case of celebrity love affairs, the fans and public get interested in their love stories. And if the relationship ends unsuccessfully, apart from the couple involved, even the fans and public gets affected.

1. Liu Yifei And Song Seung Heon

This cross-nation former couple was one of the most talked-about and popular while they dated. Liu Yifei and Song Seung Heon starred in the movie, Third Love and announced their relationship in 2015. The South Korean star and the Chinese star on many occasions showed PDA for each other and Song even publicly wished that the two hope to tie the knot as he viewed Liu as wife material. The couple broke up in 2018.


2. Leslie Cheung And Daffy Tong Hok Tak

Leslie Cheung is one of the iconic stars of the Asian entertainment industry known for his excellent acting and singing skills. In his lifetime, The iconic star had rather a string of relationships however eventually all of his relationships ended in a breakup. He found love in his best friend, Daffy Tong Hok-tak. Their relationship earned widespread attention because of the same sex. Their love was going strong until Leslie Cheung's death, and thus their love was unfulfilled. Daffy Tong Hok-tak still honors Leslie Cheung and continues to be an example of true love.


3. Faye Wong And Li Yapeng

Faye Wong and Li Yapeng were one of the power couples of the Chinese Entertainment Industry. The two stars got married in 2005 and had a child together in 2006. The marriage wasn't meant to last as the couple eventually got divorced in 2013. As of 2022 Li Yapeng has retired from the Entertainment Industry. Though the couple had an unsuccessful marriage, the two maintained their dignity both in public and private life as to not hamper their child.


4. Angelababy And Huang Xiaoming

For the longest time, Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming were the perfect couples who were looked upon by people as the most compatible couple until their divorce in 2022. The couple got married in 2015 after dating for six years and had a child in 2017, but their marriage couldn't be successful as they got divorced in 2022. Before their divorce announcement, there were rumors of trouble in paradise and seems like the rumors were true after all.


5. Cecilia Cheung And Nicholas Tse

Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse were once the most talked-about Celebrity couples in the Chinese Entertainment Industry. Both the stars were a hotshot when they were dating each other. The couple had a beautiful love story and was so madly in love that they tied the knot while on a vacation in the Philippines. The couple got divorced in 2012.


6. Ma Yili And Wen Zhang

Ma Yili and Wen Zhang met on the set of the television drama, The Jinyiwei Guard. Soon cupid struck and they became a couple. The two actors got married in 2008. Up until 2013, their marriage was running smoothly. However while Ma was pregnant with her second child in 2013, it was reported that Wen had cheated on her with fellow actress, Yao Di. The couple remained together and tried to make things work but unfortunately, they ended up getting divorced in 2019.


7. Zhou Xun And Archie Kao

Zhou Xun and Archie Kao was a celebrity couple tha preferred to be private about their private life. The couple publically confirmed their relationship in 2014 and got married in the same year. Up till 2016, they were often seen together however, as time went by they were hardly seen together, and rumors started circulating of trouble in their married life. Later in 2020, the former couple announced their divorce.


8. Tong Liya And Chen Sicheng

Another reel to the real-life couple, Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng met on the sets of the television drama, Beijing Love Story, soon after the couple started dating and confirmed the same in 2012. Their relationship was going smoothly as they got married in 2014 and even birthed a child in 2016. Unfortunately, their marriage wouldn't last long and in 2021, announced their divorce.


9. Selina Jen And Richard Chang

The divorce of Selina Jen and Richard did shock the fans of Selina Jen. As the love story of these two seemed straight out of a fairytale. In 2010, Selina Jen was dating Richard Chang, who is a lawyer by profession, she broke this to the world in the most romantic way possible, she announced the dating news in a concert! The couple soon got married in 2011. However, their love story remained unsuccessful as the two got divorced in 2016.


10. Gillian Chung And Michael Lai

Gillian Chung and Michael Lai are some of the celebrity couples who moved on to the next step in the blink of an eye. The couple had only dated for only a few months before getting married in 2018. The couple separated in 2020 which left Michael Lai heartbroken as he expresses his heartbreak on social media posts. As of 2022, it is heard that Michael Lai has found love again.