Article: Top 10 K-Pop Boy Groups With the Best Chemistry

One of the reasons fans love Korean pop music is because of the people performing them. What better way to know someone than to see their interaction with other people, especially their group members? K-pop fans are suckers for idol groups that act more like friends and even platonic soulmates than just colleagues. Here's a list of the top 10 K-pop boy groups considered to have the best chemistry among their members.

1. BTS

Acknowledged as the most famous K-pop group in the world, BTS members have suffered a lot since their debut days together. Coming from a small company on the verge of bankruptcy, BTS worked very hard to accomplish what they have and, in the meantime, grew so close to each other that they consider it destiny to have been brought together. Each of the members’ friendship with one another is very solid.


2. NCT Dream

When NCT Dream debuted in 2016, the average age of its members was mere sixteen years old! As these kids had spent almost all their teenage years training together, a deep friendship was inevitable. They, too, have had their ups and down after debuting with a rotating-members concept that has since been dissolved. Nevertheless, NCT Dream members have been open about the hardships they had faced due to their uncertain future as a group and have grown closer because of it.


3. Seventeen

With a whopping thirteen-member line-up, it is pretty amazing to see the members of SVT be so close to each other like a family. Although some members are closer than others, they always ensure that no one is excluded and have a genuine love for the group as a whole which is visible in their videos.


4. EXO

Considered one of the most prominent K-pop groups, EXO seems like a real family. Currently an eight-member group, with most also pursuing solo projects as singers, actors, or entertainers, EXO has never shied away from showing their support and love towards the other members as artists and friends. Their fans are patiently waiting to see them as a whole group again as they come back even stronger than before!


5. SHINee

One of the longest-running idol groups and irreplaceable gems of the Korean music scene, SHINee has shown spectacular chemistry over their 14+ year old career. The members have spent most of their teenage and adult years together while making music, promotions, and concerts and seem to know each other very well.


6. Stray Kids

Formed through a survival show, which in itself brings a lot of pressure to individual trainees, Stray Kids members have always flaunted a close bond with one another by always supporting each member through tough times when their future as a group itself was uncertain. Since their debut in 2018, the members have not held back in showing their affection toward each other in front of fans.



Another group from a relatively smaller company, ATEEZ, has captured their fans’ hearts with their intensely sweet chemistry. The fact that some of the members were friends even before they joined the company as trainees is a cherry on top. The close bond between the members is only one of the reasons ATEEZ has managed to thrive in a sea of idol groups that debuted alongside them.


8. Tomorrow X Together

With big shoes to fill as the juniors of BTS (debuting from the same company), Tomorrow X Together, better known as TXT, have had many highs and lows since their debut in 2019 but have shown incredible friendship and chemistry throughout it all. The members seem to genuinely like each other’s company and are not afraid to be bold with their support and affection.



It has been ten years since BtoB debuted in 2012 with a seven-member line-up and its members have flaunted a deep brotherhood since the beginning. The boys seem to be close friends, and caring towards one another in their videos, even while roasting each other.


10. GOT7

All members of GOT7 collectively left their company back in 2021 but have since released songs as a group while also pursuing solo activities. Through many conflicts and agreements, GOT7 members have grown together while also growing closer as friends by understanding each other better.