Article: Top 10 Weird Pairings In Korean Industry

K-dramas are widely known for the most romantic chemistry between the couples, but nothing is perfect in this world, and so is the chemistry between the actors in k-dramas. Sometimes, the drama has such wrong casting that it makes viewers highly disappointed. Casting plays a huge role in the viewer's engagement with the drama. But sometimes, though being a splendid actor, the artists fail to build chemistry with each other. Bad chemistry is a huge turn-off for the audience, it can destroy even the best of the storylines. Let's check some of the dramas where the chemistry between the couples was a bit off.

1. Park Shin Hye And Cho Seung Woo

Park Shin Hye and Cho Seung Woo were featured in the drama Sisyphus: Myth. The series was a great disappointment to its viewers. Although, both the leads are talented actors and have done quite good projects with their co-stars. But they couldn't seem to build natural chemistry between them. According to the viewers, even the romantic conversations felt like boring talk. The drama failed to keep up with the audience's expectations.

2. Park Bo Gum And Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum were last seen together in Encounter. The two actors are known for the natural chemistry they build up with their co-stars. But unfortunately, they couldn't do that with each other. As per viewers, Song Hye Kyo looks good with almost every co-star, but in the case of this one, she seems to look older than her co-star. And the two seemed not very open with each other during their conversation. The viewers were highly disappointed in the drama.

3. Cha Eun Woo And Im Soo Hyang

Im Soo Hyang and Cha Eun Woo were cast together in the drama Gangnam Beauty. The drama has a good storyline and an important message, but viewers felt a miss of chemistry between the duo. Many sensed it was because of the characters they were playing, both are potentially good actors, but sometimes things don’t go the right way.

4. Lee Hyun-Woo And Joy

The duo was seen in the drama The Liar and His Lover. The series was a big flop which left the viewers with a huge disappointment. The leads were not a good pair with each other. They had no chemistry, and viewers felt their interaction seemed way more cringe than romantic. Nothing felt smooth and natural in the drama. But, nobody knows whose fault it was, the story, casting, direction, or the dialogues.

5. Rain And Krystal Jung

Rain and Krystal Jung were seen together in the drama My Lovely Girl. The duo had awful chemistry, and the viewers felt Krystal was very nervous with Rain. It might be one of the reasons for the lack of interaction between the duo. But, if you say a romantic drama, there has to be an essence of love and natural chemistry between the actors. But all these things were completely missing from the series. The storyline wasn't too great either.

6. Ji Chang Wook And Im Yoon-Ah

Ji Chang Wook and Im Yoon-Ah were cast together in the drama K2. The drama has a great storyline, but the chemistry between the leads was terrible. Some jokes were also going around the internet that Ji Chang Wook has better chemistry with the drama's villain than the lead. It left the viewers in great disappointment.

7. Kim Da-Mi And Park Seo Joon

Kim Da-Mi and Park Seo Joon were cast together in the drama Itaewon class. The show has a great storyline and was a superhit. But some viewers felt the chemistry was slightly off between them in some scenes. It could be because they do not have much screen time together as a couple. But viewers appreciated his chemistry with Kwon Nara, the second female lead.

8. Nam Joo-Hyuk And Shin Se-Kyung

Nam Joo-Hyuk and Shin Se-Kyung were featured in the drama The Bride of Habaek. The audience didn’t really enjoy the drama's plot and the lead's chemistry. The chemistry between the couple was quite dull to watch. It was a big failure, and somehow the viewers couldn't relate to the actors. There was a lack of emotional communication between the audience and the actors.

9. Park Shin-Hye And Kim Rae-Won

Park Shin-Aye and Kim Rae-Won were cast together in the drama Doctors. The viewers did not enjoy the chemistry between the two at all. The actors themselves lack an emotional connection. Probably it's because of the ten years of age gap they have off-screen. And not many viewers are a fan of the student-teacher relationship shown romantically.

10. Lee Dong-Wook And Jo Bo-Ah

The couple was seen together in the drama The Tail of the Nine-Tailed. The show has a good storyline and plot twists, but the chemistry between the duo was not up to the mark. Jo Bo-Ah doesn't seem to act naturally in many scenes with Lee Dong-Wook. It felt as if she was too nervous in front of him, or it was because the romance between them was quite baseless in the drama. It felt as if the writer was trying too hard to drag romance between the two. And that made the chemistry between the duo dull and unnatural.