Article: Top 10 Reasons Why Song Hye Kyo Is Giving Flop Projects Continuously

Song Hye Kyo being one of the Hallyu stars is famous for ‘Full House,’ ‘Winter Sonata,’ and ‘Descendants of the Sun.’ Her increasing popularity and fame have grown twice in the last decades. She has been honored with the title of being the most beautiful actress in the Korean industry. She tied the knot with her co-star Song Joong Ki in 2017 only to divorce him after three years. Her credibility and stardom started to decline when she appeared in her latest drama ‘Now We Are Breaking Up.’ The viewers were highly disappointed in her after she appeared in such an illogical drama. Here are the top 10 reasons why Song Hye Kyo is losing her popularity.

1. Poor Choice Of Project

After appearing in the hit dramas such as ‘Winter Sonata,’ ‘Full House,’ and ‘Descendants of the Sun,’ Song Hye Kyo made her drama comeback with the most illogical and unreasonable drama ‘Now we Are Breaking Up.’ The drama received low ratings as well as bad reviews from viewers. They think that it was better if the drama didn’t air at all.

2. Lack Of Expressions

The audience stated that Song Hye Kyo lacked vital expressions in her recent drama ‘Now We Are Breaking Up.’ The fans stated that her expressions were like wooden acting. She couldn’t captivate the audience and thus end up messing up people’s watching experience. Her character lacked depth and logical reasoning.

3. Losing Credibility

As Song Hye Kyo isn’t giving a proper drama to the audience, the audience is losing credibility with her. The netizens think that Hallyu star Song Hye Kyo doesn’t ensure high ratings anymore. If the drama is poorly written, then the star-studded cast can’t even save it from being a failure.

4. Inconsistency In Character

The fans have also noticed the inconsistency and peculiar behavior of Son Hye Kyo’s characters in the drama. The fans find it odd when her character is unable to move on for the long 10 years. She was in a relationship with him for 6 months only. She also allows others to use her and then again calls her an ambitious lady.

5. Lack Of Chemistry Between Characters

Whenever Song Hye Kyo is cast in Noona Romance Drama, the fans can’t relate to her chemistry with the actors. In her drama ‘Encounter’ with Park Bo Gum, some of the viewers didn’t like the age difference and the same happened with ‘Now We Are Breaking Up.’ The fans stated that both the actors couldn’t spark off any needed chemistry.

6. Illogical Plot

Now We Are Breaking Up and its plot never fails to fail people. The unreasonable plot where an ambitious lady can’t move on from her six-month relationship for long 10 years and falls in love with her ex’s brother seemed pathetic and useless to the audience. They find it hard to consume how an ambitious woman allows others to use her.

7. Low Ratings

It’s been proven that a star-studded one can’t save a drama from getting flop. Song Hye Kyo, Sehun from EXO, and Jang Ki Yong couldn’t save the drama. The drama Now We Are Breaking Up continued to receive low ratings despite the fame and fanbase of the actors. As a result, Song Hye Kyo lost her credibility.

8. Same Role

The netizens and media slashed Song Hye Kyo for playing the same, monotonous role over the years. The fans were getting tired to see her in the same slow melodrama where she could not find her own identity. They were getting tired to see her crying continuously unable to find someone to love.

9. Poorly Executed

Plot Even if the drama has some great storyline, it becomes unbearable to watch if the execution is poor. Something similar happened with Song Hye Kyo in her latest drama ‘Now We Are Breaking Up.’ the story was somewhat average, but the below-average execution made it a failure and a joke of the town in just a few days.

10. Flop Projects

After Song Hye Kyo’s highly anticipated comeback drama ‘Now We Are Breaking Up’ become a huge disaster and her biggest failure in her career, the netizens are worried about her prospects. They are afraid they will have to see her crying in the same roles again. However, they are hoping to make her come back with some diverse roles.