Article:  Top 10 Thai Sci-Fi Dramas

Thai dramas are famous for their BL series. However, Sci-fi dramas open doors to a new fantastical world. Something about these series is such intriguing narratives set in the future, Discussions about time travel, and parallel universes. These open doors to our imagination. Sci-fi is an unrealistic blend of science and human life. Below are some mind-boggling Thai sci-fi dramas. These will leave you amazed.

1. Girl From Nowhere

The plot revolves around a mysterious girl with supernatural powers. Nanno transfers to different private schools to expose lies, secrets, and hypocrisy. Nanno serves as the punisher to humans who hide truths. Nanno is both good and bad. She has a sense of equality. But she's going to help those who can't find their way and are trying to figure it out. Some view Nanno as a helper, while most are terrified of her. Nanno makes detailed plans before and during anything.

2. Home School

Home school is a boarding school in the middle of a remote forest. When children get unwanted by their parents, they are sent to the best boarding school. Home school tends to appeal to rich people with its unique curriculum and comforts of home. However, this is more like a prison with strict rules. The school chooses thirteen students who will spend about three years there. When a group of students started to feel something was wrong with the school. They tried to find out the root cause and tried exploring the woods.  There's a secret in the woods that I shouldn't mess with.

3. Vice Versa

Vice versa includes body transformation. Talay, a university graduate, wakes up in the body of a man named Tess, and then he encounters Puen, a famous actor who is now in the body of Tun following an accident. Phudal is a nurse who helps people from the same universe they left to guide them through life in this new universe. They both were dependent on Phudal. She's suggesting that they can get back to the universe if they locate their portkey, their soul mate. Tun and Talay are set on a mission. When these two work together, they feel a spark and things get complicated.

4. Till The World Ends

That is a story of two young men, Art and Golf. They accidentally became roommates just before the last thirteen days of the world. Art is an attractive business student. However, he lost his memories because he was in an accident. That made him rely on golf to prepare for the end of the world. Golf is a medical student and has a stressful life due to his family and relationships. His only brother is in jail. When Art was in the accident, the government asked people to evacuate and move to bunkers, but Golf waited for Art and didn’t leave. Golf has never been in this type of love. He decides to make the most of his love before the world ends.

5. Wish You Luck

That series involved the collision of the moon and the meteor. Ken, a former actor, is trying to make his way to Bangkok. Ken has a lot of fortune, but the problem is that he jinxes others. Ken meets Q. He survives the disaster and is also trying to move to his hometown. Now, these two start with their incredible journey together. The two struggle as their relationship deepens.

6. Why Are You

Zon is a university student and a budding sci-fi writer who dreams of having a publishing deal and writing sensation. However, his younger sister’s Bl novels have become an internet sensation. His best friend, Tutor is an industrious engineering student from a relatively wealthy, affluent family facing dark times. Safaih is a famous musician and has a strong relationship with Zon. Zon learns that his sister is using them in her stories. Zon asked her to remove their name, but she names a condition if nothing is between them. Following this, their relationship starts to change.

7. The Gifted

The Gifted revolves around a low-class student who is trained to be an elite. That is a secretive program where students are trained to discover and develop their supernatural powers. Pang is a struggling ordinary student at Ritdha High School. In this school, students are divided on their academic excellence. Pang passed the entrance test. He is given a chance to step up his game. The gifted program only takes a handful of students. However, when they start to develop their potential, they are endangered. The newly developed skill reveals a secret that was supposed to be hidden.

8. Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again is based on reincarnated souls. Korn and Intouch were university students. Korn is the son of the mafia. Intouch entered Korn’s life despite knowing the dangers he held. Korn eventually pushed him away, but in the end, he couldn’t resist the boy who was full of life. However, during that time, Homosexuality was not acceptable. Korn and Intouch suffered hatred and were not accepted by their families. Ultimately, they committed suicide as this was the only way they could be together. In modern times, two college students discover their relationship with Korn and Intouch. That leaves both questioning the end of their relationships.

9. Angel Destiny

This cute story is based on an angel who is on a mission. An angel is forced to earth with the condition that if he pairs three thousand couples, he can return to heaven. He has achieved most of his targets. He is left with the last four couples. While trying to pair up four sisters with their partner, he falls for one of them. The angel is left with a time of three months, or else he will be banished from the earth for eternity.

10. My Dream

My dream is a story about complicated relationships. Runway is an ordinary boy who’s been having nightmares since childhood. However, when his father’s dreamcatcher was hung over his bed, his nightmares were converted into good dreams. That’s when he met P Dream in his fantasy world. Things started to mess up when his athletic neighbor asked him out on a date. Runway’s best friend guided him to balance his imaginary and real-life relationships. Somehow, it gets even more complex when his friend’s relationship gets complicated. How will these complicated relationships be solved?