Article: Top 10 K-Pop Idols Who Were Accused Of Lip Syncing

Kpop idols are widely known for their great talent of dancing and singing to different concepts of themes. Their performances are well rehearsed and showcased well. Their performances are beyond exceptional and people assume they were lip-syncing. These idols face technical issues because of which they appear to sing along to a pre-recorded song. These idols train hard to give their best and have a stable voice during their performance. The top ten K-pop idols who were accused of lip-syncing are.

1. Blackpink

Blackpink is a South Korean group by YG Entertainment. In 2016 they debuted with the album Square One. They performed their new single at the 2022 VMAs where they were accused of lip-syncing during the historic performance. Their fans were quick enough to defend their favorite girl group.

2. StayC

StayC is a South Korean group by High Up Entertainment. In 2020 they debuted with their album Star to a Young Culture. They recently gained attention as they were criticized for lip-syncing during live performances. In a video which was posted on their company’s channel, the girl group replied very gracefully discussing how they frequently perform live and how important it is to sing in tune without backtrack.

3. Aespa

Aespa is a South Korean group by SM Entertainment. In 2020 they debuted with Black Mamba, their single. It has been quite a time since they were targeted by media outlets which accused them of lip-syncing during their live performances. During performing Dream Come True to stop the accusation Winter, the vocalist stopped singing and only backing vocals could be heard proving everyone wrong.

4. NCT Dream

NCT Dream is a boy group by SM Entertainment. In 2016 they debuted with Chewing Gum, their single. They recently made their first appearance at KCON LA 2022, where people were stunned by their amazing vocals. Many doubted them lip-syncing, but the group handled this situation with dignity.

5. BTS

Bangtan Boys, known as BTS, is a South Korean group by Big Hit Entertainment in 2010 debuting in 2013. They became the target of haters for lip-syncing. During the performance of Mic Drop in 2017, Suga the rapper had a great response to shut down the comments and hate. He killed it during the first portion and when the song was about to end he dropped his mic. The track continued in the background without his voice which proved them wrong.

6. AleXa

Alexandra Christine Schneiderman, known as AleXa, is an American singer who is based in South Korea. In 2018 she signed with Zanybros ZB Label. In 2019 she debuted as a singer.  She was criticized by the audience for lip-syncing. Her fans defended her by pointing out that she was singing and dancing with a weak backing track.

7. Gfriend

GFriend was a South Korean group by Source Music. In 2015 they debuted with Season of Glass and won several rookie awards, despite being from a small firm. The group were facing the wrath of the audience when they were caught lip-syncing. The camera moved to another member who didn’t realize the camera was on her while she wasn’t signing and the song was still on. In 2022 the group disbanded.


Twice is a South Korean group by JYP Entertainment. In 2015 they debuted with the EP The Story Begins. They were accused of pretending to have a baby-like voice to sound cute and were lip-syncing. They try to improve the quality of their performance every time and do not let the hate get to them.


Itzy is a South Korean group by JYP Entertainment. It’z Different in 2019 is their debut song. In most of their live performances were accused of lip-syncing. The fan came to their rescue and pointed out the technical difficulties they faced drying their performances.

10. Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation, even called SNSD, is a South Korean group under SM Entertainment. They were accused of lip-syncing to a pre-recorded song by the audience. The fans got engaged in a battle of words in the comment section defending them stating they understand the difficulties while dancing and singing together.