Article: Top 10 Thai Characters Who Never Got A Happy Ending

As fans, we all love to watch dramas which portray romance, and emotions and even demonstrate how one feels while going through a certain situation. While watching these movies and dramas we along with the characters feel those emotions while watching them. Thai dramas might not be a rich source of dramatic films but they do present us with some excellent stories which create a long-lasting impression on us viewers. The top ten Thai characters who never got a happy ending are.

1. Rak Rae

Rak Rae is a 2015 Thai drama. The story is about Wayoon, who is a language student who meets Ramin, a secretary in Vienna and they eventually fall in love. She later finds out she is pregnant and decides to keep the baby. Ramin wanted her to get an abortion which she doesn’t and leaves her. It includes many heartbreaking scenes which show characters when they are at their lowest point.

2. Leh Ratree

Leh Ratree is a 2015 Thai romance drama. It is also known as A Woman’s Trickery. Kate’s father stole money from Sake’s company. He finds this out and starts looking for Kate’s father but he runs away. When he is found he has to go to the hospital because he is not well. He decides to sell Kate to Sake to pay off his debts. Sake eventually falls in love with her.

3. Padiwaradda

Padiwaradda is a Thai drama released in 2016. In this Rin Rapee to show gratitude to her adoptive father agrees to disguise herself as his real daughter to meet and marry Saran. When he finds out the truth he does not wish to return his bride, as they slowly fall in love. His ex-wife returns, while Rin has a sense of regret as she is hiding a secret from him.

4. Ngao Asoke

Ngao Asoke is a 2016 Thai drama also known as Asoke Shadow. In this Bpeeyachat, a young orphan meets Monthai, a rich kid and they become friends. Due to an accident, her last family died and she starts living with Viyada’s family. Monthai gets engaged to Vinaya and goes to study abroad. His letters to Vidaya get answered by Bpeeyachat who takes Vidaya’s place. She meets Monthai’s sick mother and when he finds that out he starts to mistreat her.

5. You’re My Destiny

You’re My Destiny is a romantic Thai Drama that is related to Fated to Love You. In this story, two people from different worlds meet on a ship cruise and fall in love. In this, the wheel of destiny decides your fate, but in the end, you need to decide what changes the outcome of it. Jia and Xi Yi will be reunited by destiny as if they had never been apart.

6. KinnPorsche

A 2022 famous Thai BL Drama KinnPorsche is a must-watch series. It is adapted from a web novel by Daemi. In this Kim, the son of a mafia boss meets Porsche, who is a college student who works a part-time job as a bartender. He saves Kinn one time when he was trying to fight his enemy. He offers Porsche a job as his bodyguard. Their love begins on a problematic note. Since the drama has still not finished and will have a season 2 there is no clarity regarding the ending.

7. Peuan Paeng

Peuan Paeng is a Historical Romance drama, also known as The Sisters. The story shows a love triangle between Lor and two sisters, Peuan and Paeng. Where Peuan is the selfish older sister and Paeng is tomboyish. The story between them gets more dramatic when Betrayal, Sacrifices and marriage affairs come into play.

8. Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan

Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan is a Romantic Melodrama and is the first part of the Rising Sun series. The plot is filled with love triangles, power struggles, male chases and family pressure. The story is about Seiko, a Thai lady who graduated from Japan. Her beauty impressed Takeshi, who comes from a wealthy family. Scared of separating from her he starts to stalk her along with his cousin. This gets complicated when his father finds him a fiance. Takeshi becomes the target of his family’s enemies, who target his weak point Seiko.

9. Luead Mungkorn: Singh

Luead Mungkorn is a 2015 Historical Romantic Drama series, also known as Dragon’s Blood. It has a cruel plot with controlling male leads and domestic abuse. It shows that abuse by a loved one can be the hardest pill to swallow. The drama showcases the cruellest grandmother you’ll ever witness.

10. Piang Chai Khon Nee Chai Poo Wised

It is also known as When a man loves a Woman. The story is about a male who chases a female lead. It even has a spoiled female lead, secondary couples and family relationships. The story starts getting filled with betrayal among all, which will leave you in tears.