Article: Top 10 Chinese Drama And Movies Of Seven Tan

One of China's most gifted and diverse actors, Seven Tan, has made an enduring impact on the television drama industry. Seven Tan has won over fans worldwide with her remarkable acting talents and the vast variety of roles. I will examine the top 10 dramas that highlight Seven Tan's extraordinary skill and have solidified her status as a true star in the Chinese entertainment industry.

1. Go Ahead

"Go Ahead" becomes a tribute to the improbable unity of three non-biological kindred spirits, their shared past blossoming into a robust tapestry of unwavering bonds. Seven Tan plays the role of Li Jing Jing in the drama. The drama follows the lives of three people who are unrelated by blood but live as a family. Due to some circumstances, the brothers return to their original families, and years later, when the three reunite, they move together in life again. These cords of affinity unfurl in the crucible of adulthood's complexities, a tableau infused with the hues of love, ambition, and a quest for self-discovery.

2. With You

This drama revolves around the lives of high school students in a small town. It follows the story of He Shang, a talented basketball player, and Song Yi, a hardworking student. Their paths cross as they navigate academic pressures, friendships, and personal growth. The drama emphasizes the everyday experiences of adolescence while capturing the nostalgia of the time.

3. Whirlwind Girl

Our voyage commences with "Whirlwind Girl." In this tale, Seven Tan plays the role of lively and cheerful Xiao Ying. Within this saga, Yang Yang embodies Ruo Bai – a fledgling soul who unearths an ardor for martial arts. Enveloped in the narrative's embrace is Qi Bai Cao, an indomitable soul traversing the labyrinth of existence. Seven Tan’s simplicity and kind-hearted nature add depth to the drama. Although not a main lead, still she manages to win over the hearts of the audience

4. Road Home

It follows the story of Gui Xiao and Lu Yan Chen, who first met on a playground. They immediately fell in love with one another. They grew close and wished to live the rest of their lives together. Life, however, has other ideas for them. The situation in Gui Xiao's family changes. Lu Yan Chen ultimately decides to enroll in special police officer training, which takes him to a completely other part of the country. With Lu Yan Chen, training is challenging, demanding, and intense. Gui Xiao ultimately decides to pursue a career in the financial sector. Their love is still strong even though they now inhabit different worlds, and they try to maintain a long-distance relationship.

5. Dear Mayang Street

A neighborhood schoolgirl named Ma Xiao Xiao is dating a lad named Ou Xiao Jian. Ma Xiao Xiao has been the object of Yi Dong Dong's affection since they first met. Yi Dong Dong, age 18, returns to his hometown with his family and immediately falls in love with Ma Xiao Xiao, a neighbor. He withheld his thoughts and shielded her from him when he realized that she was drawn to his friend Xiao Jian. Xiao Xiao worries continuously about Ou Xiaojian since he hangs around with other criminals. The issues between them have left Ma Xiaoxiao and Ou Xiaojian completely fatigued.

6. My Mr. Mermaid

Former world champion swimmer Tang Yi Bai's competitive career ended four years ago after he was accused of doping. He makes a comeback after a four-year absence to face off against Heng Ou Yang of the North Physical Education College while competing for the South Physical Education College with his best friend, Qi Rui Feng. Yi Bai meets Yun Duo, a new sports reporter tasked with covering the tournament but is terrified of the water due to a near-drowning experience she had in the past at the competition. In addition, Yun Duo comes to lease a room from Yi Bai's family, and the two become close friends.

7. The Fox's Summer

Gu Mall Corporation's CEO is Gu Cheng Ze, the family's adoptive son. Gu Cheng Ze is tasked with assisting the legitimate successor, Gu Jin Yu, in developing into a respectable businessperson because Mrs. Gu wants her biological grandson, Gu Jin Yu, to take over the company. He meets Li Yan Shu, a fashion designer, and learns that she is Gu Jin Yu's ex-girlfriend. Gu Jin Yu, who still has affection for Li Yan Shu, needs encouragement, so he hires her. Gu Jin Yu decides to join the business and pursue her, which makes the plan successful. Mrs. Gu is furious and orders Gu Cheng Ze to separate Gu Jin Yu and Li Yan Shu.

8. The Spring Of My Life

A girl's beliefs and experiences with love at three different periods are the subject of the book The Spring of My Life. Yang Fang Fang had affections for a boy when she was young, but she suppressed them out of embarrassment. She had a crush on a guitarist as a teenager, but she never had the guts to pursue it. She liked a boy who liked her back as a young adult, but her inexperience might get the better of her. Yang Fang Fang always makes it a point to get dressed in anticipation of her first attempt at romance, transforming herself from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan while patiently waiting for that particular someone.

9. August Never Ends

Weiyang, a no-nonsense rebel, and 'Princess' Qiao, an idealist, are the central characters of a tale that centers on their friendship. Weiyang and Xiao Qiao were fast friends after they met. Chao Yan, Xiao Qiao's fiancé, can't help but fall head over heels in love with Weiyang, ruining their ideal union. Weiyang takes an unexpected action just when the three are caught up in a maze of issues.

10. Flight To You

The plot centers on the Luzhou Airlines flight crew and the different challenges they face. Cheng Xiao, an aspiring pilot, must learn to get along with her incredibly rigorous instructor, Gu Nan Ting, while simultaneously navigating a field where men predominate and women aren't given much respect. She relies on her abilities, grit, and creativity as she swiftly finds friends and acclimates to her circumstances. Gu Nan Ting starts to trust Cheng Xiao as they work together in life-altering events and different emergencies and feels the same way about her as she does about him.