Article: Top 10 Must-Watch Inspirational Korean Movies

South Korean movies have all kinds of elements e.g. love, drama, action, and horror which is a must for entertainment-packed drama. In this article, we are going to present some of the most inspirational Korean movies which fill your heart with fire to take action towards the dream. This kind of inspirational movie strongly impacts the youth and always motivates them to achieve their target. This will also tell you the struggling stories of people and how they get through them.  I hope these inspirational Korean movies will not just entertain you but also push you towards your dream.

1. Start Up 

This is a must-watch movie for those who are very dedicated to their dream. This movie is about a startup company. Sae Dal-Mi was since her childhood inspired by her late father. She always dreamt of becoming Korea's Steve Jobs. She gets into the Sandbox’s Residency Program UN involved in teamwork which works towards the AI project. So this drama shows the ups and downs of a startup and how they achieved their dream.


2. Marathon 

The story of this movie is based on a true incident. This story follows an autistic marathon runner Hyeong-Jin. Meanwhile, this movie revolves around a 20-year-old boy, who lives with his mother and younger brother. His mother came across his talent for running and decides to hire a coach to train him. Besides having a specially-abled child she supported him and presented a good example before our society.


3. Little Forest  

The film follows the story of Song Hye-won, who didn’t succeed to pass the National qualification exam of becoming a teacher and returns to her childhood home. At her home in the village, she joined her childhood friends and tries to recognize and find her purpose in life again. This movie very optimistically tells us that sometimes things don’t go the way we want. Then what we have to do only is to take a step back and start again.


4. Punch 

This is the story of 18-year-old boy Do Wan-deuk, who lives with his hunchback father and stuttering uncle. His School teacher named Lee Dong-ju leaves as his neighbour on the rooftop. So basically this movie revolves around the student-teacher relationship and how the latter inspires her student to become a better person. This movie is based on the novel Wandeuk by Kin Ryeo-ryeong.


5. A Barefoot Dream 

It is also one of those movies which are based on true incidents. A Barefoot Dream is a story of a retired Korean footballer who coaches a youth football team after his business fails. The retired footballer’s role is played by Park Hee-soon, who migrates to East Timor seeking more opportunities. There he saw a football team screen football barefooted. After seeing them he opens a store of football equipment where he can sell football shoes but no one can afford those expensive shoes so he decides to give them training.


6. Fight For My Way 

 This is the inspirational story of four childhood friends who were so passionate about their dream. So their ambitious and childish interaction made them fall in love with each other. Where Ko Dong-man and Chai Ae-ra indulge in a sweet and romantic life, on the other hand, Joo-man and Baek Seol-hee faces so many ups and downs in their relationship. So this movie is a nice blend of romance and their determination towards their dream.


7. As One 

As One justifies best with the Women Empowerment as it is based on the first-ever South and North Korean table tennis team who completed the 1991 World Table Tennis championship in, Japan. This movie serves the sportsmanship spirit of a Jung- Hwa, who played for her nation with her all power and above all the political barriers and differences.


8. The Himalayas 

This movie is inspired by the life of Um Hong-Gil, who is a Mountaineer and known to be the first person to climb the 14 highest points on Earth. He also saves the life of Park Moo-taek and his friend Park Jeong-bok, during he was climbing to Kanchenjunga.


9. The Sound Of A Flower 

The sound of a flower is a period drama based on the first female pansori singer Chae-seon during the Joseon dynasty. At that time, females were not allowed to learn pansori and perform in front of the public. However, she manages to find a pansori teacher for herself who trained her for a national pansori contest organized by the king's father Heungseon Daewongun. But no one must discover that she is a woman who is performing pansori.


10. Harmony

Hong Jeong-hye is sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment after killing her abusive husband. At the time of arrest, she was pregnant and given birth to a baby boy in prison. But according to law, she has given up her baby for adoption but the prison chief promised her that she can spend a day with her baby if she successfully forms a prison choir group. This movie is justified women’s empowerment and became the fifth best-selling film of Korea in 2010.