Article: Top 10 Korean Wedding Songs

The right playlist is very important for a wedding event, one may not notice the importance of a wedding playlist, but it does set the mood for the rest of the day. A wrong choice of a song may ruin the vibe of the wedding. Normally only love songs and slow music are played at a wedding unless of course if you want to go offbeat! There is also a tradition of singing wedding songs in many cultures. Here in this article, we have included ten Korean songs which are appropriate for playing at weddings. These beautiful wedding songs will surely make the event memorable.

1. For Life

For Life is a single released by the k-pop group, EXO. This song was released in 2016. This is a slow ballad and features a piano melody which sets the perfect Atmosphere for a wedding. The song is one of the most popular choices for a wedding in South Korea. This song was also sung by D.O at a wedding.


2. Only

Only is a song by Lee Hi. The song got released in 2021. It is a pre-release single of the album 4 Only. This is one of the sweetest and most romantic ballad songs that released in 2021. The romantic lyrics and melody of the ballad make it a perfect wedding-themed song.


3. Beautiful

Beautiful is a song by the South Korean singer, Crush. This song is the OST of the Korean drama Goblin. This song is one of the most heard wedding songs in South Korea. The soulful voice of Crush makes the song even more special. This is a great love song that can be sung for the wedded couple at the wedding.


4. Always

Always is the original soundtrack of the hit Korean drama, Descendent of the Sun. The song is sung by Yoon Mirae. This popular love song makes up for the perfect wedding song. The lyrics of this song define how the right person appears suddenly and feels like Destiny.


5. Proposal

The title of the song itself suggests the theme of the song, which is a wedding. This is a classic South Korean wedding song. This song is sung by the legendary Korean group, Noel. Almost all wedding playlist in South Korea does include this masterpiece because of the lyrics which only radiates love.


6. I Confess

I Confess is a song by the k-pop group, F.T. Island. The song was released in 2011. This acoustic cute song can be sung by the groom for the bride or vice-versa. This is recommended by us to be included in a wedding playlist.


7. Way Back Home

Way Back Home is a song by the k-pop group, BTOB. The lyrics of the songs express how we return and go back to our home, which is not a place but a person. This soulful song is one of the popular wedding songs in South Korea.


8. Rose

Rose is a song by D.O, who is a member of the k-pop group, EXO. The lyrics of the song are written by the pov of a lover who is smitten by love. This song when played at a wedding will surely set the mood romantic due to the beautiful lyrics of the song.


9. To You

To You is a song by the k-pop group, Seventeen. The lyrics of this pop ballad beautifully express the gratitude one feels for their significant one, which makes it perfect for a wedding playlist.


10. Me After You

This list of wedding playlists wouldn't be complete without this song! Me After You is a song by Paul Kim. The lyrics of the songs define how love gives you strength. This is quite a tear-jerker and will surely make the couple teary-eyed.