Article: 10 C-Dramas About Cross-World Travel

Cross-World travel dramas are about traveling in time, stories, places, or games. Chinese dramas are very popular for such themes, and the audiences worldwide enjoys it. In this article, we will discuss about ten C-Dramas that are about Cross World Travel.

1. See You Again (2019)

See You Again is a story about an actor from the Republican period who meets a young scriptwriter from the twenty-first century. Two people from separate worlds cross time and begin a romantic story of living together. This drama is a beautiful portrayal of love, romance, and fantasy.

2. Oh My Drama Lover (2020)

The plot of the drama revolves around Li Chun Xi, a third-rate romance writer, who is involved in an automobile accident and awakens in an entirely foreign world. Furthermore, she is not herself, but someone called Qian Zhen Zhen, and she has lost memories of her old life.

3. My Girlfriend Is An Alien (2019)

My Girlfriend Is An Alien is a drama about Chai Xiao Qi who is a woman from different planet. When she arrives on Earth in her spacecraft, she comes across Fang Leng, a handsome CEO whose car has crashed and is about to explode. She uses her alien abilities to save him from the blast, but it impacts on her, causing her to misplace a navigational device she needs to get back home. She is now stranded on Earth, having to act like a typical Earthling despite the reality that she is anything but a human from the Earth. To make matters worse, she has an inexplicable attraction to human male hormones.

4. Love In Time (2022)

The story of this drama is about Su Jia Nan, who was not at all   popular when she was younger. She used to be alone and spent her school days fantasizing about the day she would be free of the sadness that all the mocking had caused her. Jia Nan is finally free of her painful past as an aspiring writer with a rapidly expanding readership. Jia Nan wants nothing more than to be free of her family obligations after becoming embroiled in a family succession battle that threatens to derail her hopes of becoming a great novelist.

5. Love Is An Accident (2022)

The plot of the Chinese drama Love is an accident. Li Chu Yue travels back in time, where he nearly dies after being mistaken for an assassin by An Jing Zhao, the young master of Yunwei Villa. She survives solely on instinct, which means she has no choice but to collaborate with An Jing Zhao to fool others into thinking they are husband and wife.

6. Unique Lady (2019)

Unique Lady is a drama about Lin Luo Jing, who is frequently friend-zoned and devotes her time to studying or gaming. Disappointed with her poor dating life, a friend gives her a new dating simulator game, which turns out to be a game that takes the player into its world, with the player unable to leave until the goal of finding true love is met.

7. The Romance Of The Tiger And Rose (2020)

After young screenwriter Chen Xiao Qian finally sells her TV series script, she soon scrutinized by the male lead, who rejects the script. She begins re-writing her script, vowing to make it a success. She is transported into her own story while sleeping and becomes the Third Princess Chen Qian Qian, a side character. Xiao Qian is determined to stay alive and find her way home, armed with the knowledge of her own script in which her character is about to be killed in the third episode by Prince Han Shuo, the male lead.

8. The Night Of The Comet (2019)

The night of the comet is about a love story that starts when a popular celebrity is caught in a car accident in an alternate universe. He meets a female journalist and his lively alter ego, who works as an author in this world. The drama is a treat to the lovers of fantasy, romance, and mystery.

9. Mr. Bad (2022)

The story of the drama Mr. Bad is about Nan Xing who enjoys writing in her spare time. She has written a novel set in a far-off era with the antagonist Xiao Wu Di. The latter is a fighter and a master of deception and manipulation. Nan Xing desperately wishes for Xiao Wu Di to come to life and help her one day. But the old adage "be careful what you wish for" comes true when Xiao Wu Di appears ahead of her.

10. The Queen Of Attacks (2021)

The story of the drama is about Liang Wei Wei who adored her favorite idol, Jing Qing like ordinary people. Wei Wei is a gifted track and field athlete with extraordinary strength and an impressive track and field record. Wei Wei suddenly gets transported into a historical drama starring her idol, Jing Qing, and she soon realizes she isn't the main lead. Wei Wei is cast as the disgraced empress who is supposed to die by the third episode. But she declines to accept her character's awful destiny. Wei Wei who is well-versed in the story mechanics of an idol drama, decides to use her expertise to change her destiny.