Japanese movies have its unique charm that always entertain the audience. Japanese seamlessly blends two different genres and makes an attractive product. One such blend is the action crime genre. These movies also have the glimpse of the Japanese culture which is a pleasure to watch. From thrilling action sequences to its infamous yakuza groups, […]

Korean dramas are bound to make you happy, excited. They will make you laugh, swoon and you will fall in love with the characters all over again. So grab some popcorn and get ready for a delightful binge-watching session, below are top 10 Korean rom-com dramas on HiTv. 1. Wedding Impossible Wedding Impossible is a […]

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is an excellent K-drama. It had a lot of heartfelt moments, and it is safe to say that from the very first episode, the audience fell in love with Park Eun-Bin’s portrayal of Attorney Woo. If you enjoyed watching Extraordinary Attorney Woo, then you will most definitely enjoy watching these dramas. 1. The […]

Vinland Saga has captured the audience with its intricate blend of intense battles, characters, historical fiction, and political intrigue. It is set in the era of Vikings, presenting a gripping tale of honor, revenge, and personal growth. For all fans looking to explore similar settings and themes, a vast variety of anime series exist. There […]

Recently, Korean dramas have gained popularity in Western countries and worldwide. With this recent boom in popularity also comes heightened awareness about the differences between Western and Korean dramas. K-dramas seem to have more compelling stories and plots which are different from those in the Western. Although there are plenty of similarities between these two, […]

Recently, there has been an upsurge in K-pop songs that use maximum English lyrics. Queencard by G-Idle can be one example. Sometimes, they even produce full English songs, such as The Feels of Twice. Yet, one can get the proper essence of Korean pop only from Korean lyrics. So here is a list of the […]

In this list, we discuss some of the best Japanese dramas to watch if you want romance and love triangles that complicate these romances. If you enjoy slow-burns and a whole lot of jealousy, then these dramas are sure to entertain you. 1. Hana Yori Dango In Hana Yori Dango or Boys Over Flowers, we […]

Cross-World travel dramas are about traveling in time, stories, places, or games. Chinese dramas are very popular for such themes, and the audiences worldwide enjoys it. In this article, we will discuss about ten C-Dramas that are about Cross World Travel. 1. See You Again (2019) See You Again is a story about an actor […]

Korean pop, popularly known as K-pop, is a growing industry. There are many talented artists in K-pop. These artists train for months and sometimes years to finally make a debut. When we talk about female K-pop idols, they usually follow the cute concept. But, many female K-pop idols break the frame and go for a […]

Watching a beautiful love story makes us feel gloomy. We as audience are invested into the lives of the two leads and how their story progresses in dramas. And the only thing that can spoil our mood in this situation is a twist with a cheating partner. Though cheating and infidelity makes a person sad […]