Article: 10 C-Drama About Cheating

Watching a beautiful love story makes us feel gloomy. We as audience are invested into the lives of the two leads and how their story progresses in dramas. And the only thing that can spoil our mood in this situation is a twist with a cheating partner. Though cheating and infidelity makes a person sad yet audience indulge themselves in these kinds of drama because of the steamy plot, trending topics, getting revenge etc. While it is painful to watch such dramas, some section of society still enjoys it. So, for those audiences who enjoy this type of drama, we will discuss 10 C-Dramas about infidelity or cheating.

1. To Dear Myself (2020)

To Dear Myself is a drama about three friends who are very close to each other. The three friends are trying to navigate their lives in the urban setting in the drama. Things take a turn when one of the friends who is married discovers that her husband is cheating on her. From their the drama proceeds with their lives and the choices that they make to overcome the difficulties.

2. Mommy’s Counterattack (2023)

Mommy’s Counterattack is a drama about Yun and Jiang Ling who get divorced five years ago due to infidelity and the death of their child. Yun is compelled to flee the country. After five years as a top model and well-known fashion designer, she returns to seek revenge and enters Jiang's household as a nanny. The remainder of the plot is about how she gets her revenge, proves her innocence, and resolves the husband-wife misunderstanding.

3. My Wife (2023)

My Wife is a story about the career progress of a full-time mother, Shen Anan, who loves life and food. She decides to return to work after going through marriage trouble. She realizes her self-worth and improves her professional skills through continuous learning and growth. It’s a well-crafted drama about a strong woman and how she fights back.

4. Wife’s Choice (2022)

After her 30th birthday, housewife Fang Tang notices that her husband, Gao Jia Wei, has been acting strangely, only to discover that he is having an affair. While tortured by his infidelity, she maintains her cool in the hope that he will be truthful with her. Instead, he continues to be unclear, keep lying and refuses to take responsibility for his actions.

5. Story Of Twenty-Nine (2023)

Yuan Pei is a housemaker who discovered by accident that her husband, Zhuang Hao, is cheating on her. She determines to speak with his mistress, Lu Xiao Shan, who works in a high-end department store. However, after meeting the woman, she changes her mind and decides to work with her. At the same time, Xiao Shan intends to end her affair as she realizes their relationship is becoming increasingly dangerous. To their surprise, the two women form a genuine bond and friendship.

6. Goodbye, My Love (2020)

The life of the female lead in this drama starts to crumble when she discovers that her husband is cheating on her. The male and female lead are famous architects who are seen as a very loving couple. They have a daughter together. But when the cheating comes to the wife’s knowledge, she is heartbroken. Further, the drama goes on showing the aftermath of this revelation.

7. The Magical Women (2023)

The Magical Women is a story about two single mothers with very opposite personalities and characters but come together as their families break down. They band together to fight back and, give each other emotional support, and start new lives.

8. Wife’s Revenge (2021)

The plot revolves around Bai Yingying, a housewife who discovered her husband Ding Zhiyuan had cheated on her best friend Gu Feier, was dissatisfied with her married life, and found many doubts about her sister Bai Jingjing, who committed suicide six years ago.

9. Betrayed Love (2022)

Guan Xin, the heir to a renowned clothing group, finds out at her 7th wedding anniversary party that her husband, Shen Zhuo, has been cheating on her with her best friend Xu Jing. She falls off a cliff while confronting her husband and comes back, acting to have amnesia. In the meantime, Xu Jing wishes Shen Zhuo would divorce his wife. He nevertheless remains adamant about claiming all of the property for himself.

10. The First Half Of My Life (2017)

In this drama the leading lady is a homemaker who leads a peaceful life unaware of the sad turn in her marriage and is surprised when her husband asks her for a divorce. She tries to reason and attempt to save her marriage, which was not successful. After accepting her new reality, she heads back to the workforce with the help of her best friend. The story progress with a lot of twists and turns and is very interesting to watch.