Article: K-Dramas To Watch If You Like Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is an excellent K-drama. It had a lot of heartfelt moments, and it is safe to say that from the very first episode, the audience fell in love with Park Eun-Bin's portrayal of Attorney Woo. If you enjoyed watching Extraordinary Attorney Woo, then you will most definitely enjoy watching these dramas.

1. The King’s Affection

Lee Hwi is the twin daughter of the Crown Prince. Having twins was ominous, and thus Lee Hwi was supposed to be put to death. Lee Hwi was thus secretly escorted out of the palace. Years later, upon the death of her twin brother, Lee Hwi was forced to return to the castle and carry out the duties of the Crown Prince. She is forced to hide her identity. Lee Hwi comes across Jung Ji-Un, her brother’s teacher. He is handsome, intelligent, and an optimistic person. Soon, Jung Ju-Un and Lee Hwi develop feelings for each other.

2. Good Doctor 

This series follows the life and struggles of Park Shi-On. He is a brilliant young man with a high IQ. He unfortunately has savant syndrome, which is a developmental disorder. His mental age is that of a child however despite his disorder he is a knowledgeable young man who aspires to become a surgeon.

3. Do You Like Brahms?

This drama follows the tribulations and lives of university students majoring in music. We follow Chae Song, a talented student who aspires to be a violinist. We also follow Park Joon-Young, a pianist. They are university students who go to a prestigious music university. If you are a fan of classical music and if you enjoyed watching Park Eun-Bin in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, then you will most definitely enjoy this drama.

4. Castaway Diva 

In this drama series, we follow Seo Mok-Ha, a bright and bubbly young girl who wants to become a singer. She lives on a remote island and to pursue her dreams she decides to participate in an audition in Seoul. During her travel, she gets stranded on a deserted island with no way back. After trying to survive on the island for fifteen years, she is finally rescued. Seo must now adjust to a new environment while pursuing her dreams.

5. Hello, My Twenties!

This series follows the lives of five eccentric university students, Yoon Jin-Myung, Jung Ye-Eun, Kang Yi-Na, Song Ji-Won, and Yoon Eun-Jae. The students share an apartment. We see the girls struggle to navigate their own lives on campus as well as their lives with each other. Despite having different personalities, we see the girls develop deep, meaningful relationships with each other.

6. Hot Stove League

Beak Seung-Soo becomes the manager of a professional baseball team named Dreams. This team ranks at the bottom of the league and is worse for wear. Beak must whip them into shape. The operations manager of the team is Lee Se-Young. She is an enthusiastic person and loves her team.

7. Hometown Cha Cha Cha 

In this drama series, we follow Yoon Hye-Jin and Hong Du-Sik. Yoon Hye-Jin is a hardworking, strong-willed woman. She works as a dentist in Seoul. Due to an incident, Hye-Jin is forced to leave her job. She decides to open a practice in a seaside town named Gongjin. While travelling to Gongjin, she meets the eccentric Hong Du-Sik. Despite constantly bickering with each other, Yoon Hye-Jin and Hong Due-Sik fall in love.

8. Descendants Of The Sun 

We follow Shi-Jin who is the captain of the special forces in the South Korean Army. Along with Major Dae-Young, Shi-Jin captures a thief. The thief is injured and is taken to the hospital. Shi-Jin realizes that the thief has stolen his phone and goes to the hospital to take back his phone. While searching for his cell phone, he meets the lovely doctor Mo-Yeon.

9. Move To Heaven 

In this drama, we follow Geu-Ru, a young man with Asperger syndrome. He works for his father’s business named Move to Heaven. He is responsible for moving and organizing the items of those who have passed away. After the death of his father Ru’s uncle, Sang-Gu becomes Ru’s guardian.

10. Mad For Each-Other 

We follow No Whi-Oh and Lee Min-Kyung. No Whi-Oh is a detective. He has a decent life and enjoys his job. However, due to an incident, his personality changes and No Whi-Oh has trouble controlling his anger. Lee Min-Kyung is an ordinary woman. Due to an incident, her life turns upside-down. She can't trust anyone, and she also suffers from delusions. No Whi-Oh and Lee Min-Kyung develop feelings for each other.