Article: 10 Short C-Dramas

We all love to watch C-Dramas but sometimes they go on for so long that we don’t have time to finish it and it’s not a good feeling. So, in this article, we have compiled ten short C-Dramas that all of us could watch in less time but enjoy to the fullest.

1. Night Of Love With You (2022)

When a character from the manga Qi Qi, who has been the antagonist female supporting characters for many years, enters the recently released comic "Night of Love With You" and becomes the lead Luo Qing, an accident occurs. It is a story about a male protagonist who has mysteriously vanished, the supporting female protagonist is closing in, and the male antagonist no longer has a love story. The drama has 24 episodes in total.

2. Please Don’t Spoil Me (2022)

Yan Yi Yi, an internet writer, entered her novel and became an evil female supporter. She fights with the emperor with her intelligence and courage to prevent the awful outcome of entering the cold and dark palace. Still, she is persuaded by the book official that if she does not enter the palace, according to the story, she will be eliminated. So Yan Yi Yi survived by keeping the plot going and avoiding a bad ending while secretly falling in love with the emperor. The drama series features 24 episodes of 6 minutes.

3. Rock Sugar Summer (2022)

Lai Dui Dui is a college student who dreams of being a successful artist. She is not interested in other subjects, like math, English, etc. She is in grave danger of failing if she does not improve her academic performance. Jiang Zuo, a straight-A student, is also enrolled at the same college. He has no friends when it comes to academic matters. Even though they have already met in high school, due to a prosopagnosia (a condition in which Lai Dui Dui is unable to recognize faces), she is unable to remember who he is. The drama has 18 episodes that are 30 minutes long.

4. Love Is Forbidden Here (2022)

Love Is Forbidden Here is a story about Xia Shi Cheng, a college student. She joins the charity tour in place of her twin brother who is not well to carry out her grandmother's wish. Every day, she was joined by a group of band boys, but she unintentionally drew interest from her senior, Gu Lan. On the one hand, Xia Shi Cheng was preoccupied with concealing her true identity, while on the other, she had to deal with the band's internal and external problems. They desperately needed a real stage to prove themselves at this point. The drama features 22 episodes.

5. The Blessed Bride (2022)

Yue Liu Ying was an innocent and amusing young lady before her foster brother compelled her to marry Ling Qi Ye to spy on him. She didn't want to be a spy, but she couldn't get rid of her foster brother's control, so she had to find another means to survive. She intended to poison her husband on the wedding night to make it appear as if he had died, allowing her to flee the Ling family and reclaim her freedom. This exciting drama series has 24 episodes in total.

6. My Lucky Princess (2022)

Beiyuan's royal family is cursed in secret. Their emperors are doomed to perish in their prime. Inevitably, Princes who want to prevent being selected as the crown prince and emperor's successor do everything they can to appear not deserving of the position. First and Second Prince Xiao He is not an exemption, engaging in insignificant and absurd activities. They even tamper with their opponent's results for the Third Prince to win. The arrival of Fu Qi, the Dongling princess, has foiled Xiao He's plans. Much to his chagrin, she is at odds with him, doing everything she can to ensure that her husband-to-be succeeds to the throne. The drama has 18 episodes in total.

7. My Mermaid Boyfriend (2022)

Jiang Xiao Man, an art major in college, is heartbroken after an unpleasant split. Anatoly Mercury, a beautiful mermaid, appears and follows her. As he completes the task of obtaining the true love kiss, they slowly fall in love. Cheng Xi, a kind senior, is both a help and an obstacle in their relationship. There will be a happy ending as long as they believe in fairy tales. The drama features 20 episodes.

8. Better A Lie Than Truth (2022)

Su Nian works as a magazine journalist. She is competing for a promotion, but in order to do so, she must interview the CEO of a large business group. She is excited to take on the task – until she understands that the person, she must interview is none other than her prior classmate Qiao Mu Sheng, who has gone on to become the CEO of an immersive escape room company. There are only 18 episodes in this drama series.

9. Female CEO Love Me (2022)

It directs the tale of Xia Meng Wei, a wealthy, bossy female CEO who speaks unkindly but is soft-hearted, and Gu Yan, a handsome salesperson with a honey tongue and impeccable life skills. Xia Meng Wei falls in love with Gu Yan at first sight and removes his shirt the next time they meet. In intense pursuit, she bravely pursues Gu Yan. Finally, she finds herself in a relationship with Gu Yan, who pretends to be gentle. The drama has 12 episodes.

10. Warm Time With You (2022)

The plot of the drama Warm Time With You revolves around Wu Yi who is a young boy who has lost his parents but lives happily with his aunt, Wu Jiao Jiao, who owns a martial arts school. His uncle, the authoritarian president Qi Mo, wants his father to meet his only grandson, so he starts a custody battle with Wu Jiao Jiao, a fiery young woman who will not back down. There are 31 episodes in this drama.