Article: Top 10 Korean Stars Who Are Dropouts

Studying, completing one's school, then continuing higher education, and finally getting into a decent job is the thing every parent assert to their children from a very young age. For that they push children hard to study; ask them to try hard on their tests. And students also try hard to continue their schooling as good as they can. Because education is power. If we have better education we can get the better importance of society. But not everyone feels the same way. There are exceptions. Some people reject social criteria to follow their dreams. Let's see who is the 10 Korean Stars are dropouts.

1. Cha Seung-Won

Cha Seung-Won who started his career as a yearning fashion model in the nineties had attained great stardom through his famous hit comedy film. He is one of the thriving male actors that used to be fashion models. But do you know the fact that he dropped out of Sungkyunkwan University to undertake a successful career as a model?


2. Jang Dong-Gun 

Jang Dong-Gun is one of the highest-paid actors and fame in Korea. In 1994 he enrolled in Korea National University of Arts School of Drama, but he dropped out before earning a degree. But after 21years in 2015, He determined to continue his schooling. According to the media, Jung Dong-Won enrolled in classes at Seoul Cyber University.


3. Lee Jin-Wook 

South Korean actor Lee Jin-Wook concluded to drop out of school while studying at Cheongju University. He dropped out of Cheongju University to become a successful actor. He later started his career in the entertainment industry and tried modelling in advertisements. He concluded to drop out at the time when he was pursuing environmental engineering to achieve his passion.


4. Kim Sae-Ron

Kim Sae-Ron has been continuously expanding her filmography since her debut as a child actress. But she dropped out of school in her freshman year of high school while pursuing an acting career. The actress said if she had to choose to act and studies at the same time she chooses to act. In 2018 she got into Chung-Ang University.


5. Kim Jeong Hoon 

Kim Jeong Hoon who is also known by his stage name John Hoon is an actor as well as a singer. But do you know that Kim attended Soul National University to pursue Dentistry? But because of his busy schedule and interest in acting, he decided to drop out. Later he engaged Chung-Ang University where he majored in Acting.


6. Kim Jae-Joong 

Kim Jae-Joong is a South Korean actor and better known as a member of the hit pop group TVXQ. Because of pursuing the dream, he wanted he had to say bye to his high school life. In 2001 he dropped out from Kongju Information High School. Later in 2005 he enrolled in Hanam High School and graduated in 2007.


7. Lee Tae-Min 

How to mention him Shinee's Taemin, Super M's Taemin or soloist Taemin who is not only a great singer but also a pretty good actor with no doubt. But in between his successful career life, he had to drop out of his previous high school Chungdam High School. Then he switched to Hanlim Multi Arts School and graduated in 2012.


8. Lee Seung-Hyun 

Lee Seung-Hyun is better known as the youngest member of the South Korean boy band Big Bang is also an actor in movies and TV shows. Because of his involved schedule, he had to drop out of Chung-Ang University. But he didn't abandon his education for all. He enrolled in Gukje Digital University and received classes online preferably.


9. Lee Ho-Dong 

Actor Lee Ho-dong or Infinite band member Hoya is satisfying at both. He realized from the start that running after his dreams is more important. Even his father was against him but he chose to drop out of school. He was forced to vacate his home and chase his dreams. But later he graduated from both school and university.


10. Kim Hyun-Joong 

The South Korean actor and singer Kim Hyun-Joong narrated himself as an intellectual child. but he had to drop out his high school to follow his dreams. But he didn't give up and passed high school and enrolled in Kyonggi University. But unfortunately, he had to drop out of that also. Then in 2011, He got into Chungwoon University.