Article: Top Ten Korean Child Actors Who are Taking Over the Industry

1. Kim Kang-Hoon 

Kim Kang-hoon made his first appearance on the MBC channels variety show. His first acting debut was in Pride and Prejudice. Then she started gaining popularity for his role as young Choi Yoo-Jin in Mr. Sunshine. He received a lot of love for his role as Kang Pil-gu in When Camilla Blooms. In his recent drama, 'The Racket Boys' he; played his first lead role as Lee Yong-Tae.


2. Moon Woo-Jin 

Moon Woo-Jin has appeared in k-dramas and movies. Some of his most notable works, such as My ID is Gangnam Beauty, What's Wrong with Secretary Kim, come and hug me, Fiery Priest, The king: Eternal Monarch, It's Okay To Not Be Okay, The Devil Judge. His acting skills are widely appreciated, has got the title of the nation's little brother.


3. Kim Soo-In

One of her most famous roles was to play the young Ko Mun-Yeong in It's Okay To Not Be Okay; her performance gave the persona of an aloof, cold-hearted child. Her other works are A piece of your mind, and He is psychometric Mouse many more.


4. Choi Yoo-Ri

Some of her most notable roles are To jenny, Mother, Itaewon class, and Clean with passion now.


5. Kim Jun

His most famous role is U-Ju in the Hospital playlist. Kim Jun acting as an adorable, U-Ju has won the hearts of many. Even his chemistry with Jo Jung Suk. His other work is Save me 2.


6. Seo Woo Jin 

Seo Woo Jin started his career when he was eight months old in the MBC drama My Little baby (2016). He is active as an actor and child model. His role in the Hi! Bye Mama got highly praised as he played the role of Kim Tae-Hee's daughter. Other works are Go Back Couple, Save Me 2, VIP, The King: Eternal Monarch.


7. Jung SeoYeong 

Jung SeoYeong is a child actor who first starred in Golden Garden. Her role as Baek EunHa in Flower of Evil received a lot of love. Jung Seo Yeong's role in You Are So Precious To Me has been recognized for its hearing and visually impaired characters.


8. Jun Si Yul 

Jun Si Yul is a young child actor who has appeared in many dramas. Some of the notable works are The nine-tailed fox, The King, Last Empress, Mad for Each Other.


9. Heo Jung Eun 

Heo Jung Eun is a young South Korean actress who made her first acting debut in the television drama; I Like you (2011). Her breakthrough performance in My Lawyer Mr. Joe (2016) drew public attention. At the young age of nine, she played her first lead role as Geum Bi, a girl with childhood Niemann–Pick disease in My Fair Lady. Her most recent role in the TV series is Hometown Cha-cha.


10. Jeon Min Seo 

Jeon Min Seo is a young South Actress who first starred in Kimcheed Radish Cubes. Her most notable works are Prime Minister and I, Good Job. Her most recent TV series is Hometown Cha cha.