Article: Top Ten Thai Actors And Their Successful Business Ventures

Besides earning fame and money through the cinema and TV series, the celebs own some business and add credits to their fame and assets. Here is the list of some Thai actors who are successful in a business venture, besides their acting career.

1. Mew Suppasit

Suppasit Jongcheveevat, better known by his stage name Mew, is a Thai actor, model, singer-songwriter, and the founder and CEO of Mew Suppasit Studio. He is most known for his role as Tharn in the TharnType, television series. Suppasit's debut album, "365," debuted at No. 3 on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart in 2021. 


2. Oab Oabnithi

Oabnithi Wiwattanawarang, also known as Oab, is a Thai actor who also has a clothing company called Vermillion Clothing, which you can see on his Instagram profile.


3. Saint Suppapong

Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana now owns the Saansook product/services line, which you can see on his Instagram profile.


4. Max Nattapol

Nattapol Diloknawarit, best known by his nickname 'Max,' is a Thai actor and model born in Bangkok, Thailand, on June 9, 1994. In 2016, Max made his acting debut as Korn. He now works as an artist for the Thai production firm, TV Thunder. And he owns the maxsnuts by maxiiin nut company, which you can see on his Instagram profile.


5. Tul Pakorn

Pakorn Thanasrivanitchai was born in Bangkok, Thailand, on October 8, 1992. Somkiat Thanasrivanitchai and Assistant Professor Jane Chirathirawat are his parents. He has two brothers and sisters and runs the antidote Bangkok eco-friendly fashion line.


6. Pavel Phoom

Pavel Naret Promphaopun gives subtitles for all of his YouTube videos and a few other interviews in which he took part. And he owns the Daddy Kitchen restaurant, which you can see on his Instagram page.


7. Tod Pranapong

Pranapong Khaisang, popularly known by his stage name Tod, is a Thai actor and model born on May 16, 1990. He owns W Clinic Samyan.


8. Frank Thanatsaran

Thanatsaran Samthonglai is renowned for his performances in GMMTV's Cause You're My Boy, Blacklist's Bantad, and 2gether: The Series' Phukong. He is also the proprietor of Fankon, a bag company.


9. Drake Laedeke

Drake Sattabut Laedeke is an actor from Chiang Mai, Thailand, born to a Thai mother and an American father. His ancestors are from Thailand, the United States, China, Scotland, and Germany. He is also the proprietor of Moments.


10. Toptap Jirakit

Jirakit Kuariyakul is well known for his role in GMMTV's Room Alone 401-410 as Tul. He has also played supporting roles in 2gether: The Serie, Still 2gether, and Tonhon Chonlatee. And he's the proprietor of the Fuku Intown. He also owns 3Brothers Chicken Rice, where Perawat Sangpotirat and Khoo Pei-Cong as partners.