Article: Top Ten Production Houses Thai

Thailand has produced many great films, which were not only loved by its Thai audience but also its International audience. So today, we will talk about the top ten production houses of Thailand. These houses have brought us many hits like Ong Bak: the Muay Thai Warrior, The Medium, The Protector, First Love, and many more hits. The list also contains names of some houses that have brought to us TVCs or helped International big shot Production Houses with their Location Shoots. So, without any further ado, let's all dive in.

1. GDH 559

After the dissolution of Thailand’s leading Production House GMM Tai Hub, GmmGrammy, and Hub Ho Hin, Bangkok opened GDH 559 as a joint venture. It has produced films like One Day, A Gift, Bad Genius, Ghost Lab, The Medium.


2. Baa-Ram-Ewe

This production house has given movie lovers many popular Thai films like Chocolate, Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior, The Protector, The Protector 2, and many more well-known films.


3. Jorkwang Films

Though not a Direct subsidiary of GDH 559, this company is owned by its directors. It has produced many popular Thai Films like Bad Genius, Friend Zone, Heart Attack, One Day, The Promise, and many more.


4. Sahamongkol Film International Co. Ltd.

It is one of the leading picture production and distribution companies in Thailand. It has produced many box-offices hit films like Tom-Yum-Goong, Chai Lai, First Love, and many more.


5. Phranakorn Film

This company is a movie studio in Thailand which owns many theatres in various provinces of Thailand. It has produced many films like Headless Hero, Holy Man, Holy Man 2, Still, Ghost Day, and many more.


6. Five Star Production

This company has produced films since it was founded in 1973 and has produced several well-known movies since then. It has made movie series like Art of the Devil and movies like 3 AM part 3, The Ghost Ship, The Ghost coins, and many more in a plethora of genres.


7. Kantana Films

This company started its production with radio dramas slowly moving on to produce films, television dramas, variety programs, and more. It has many TV commercials under its belt, whose names every Thai is familiar with.


8. Benetone Films

This company has been taking the Thailand Entertainment industry by storm for many years. It is a creative company extending its services to TV, Films, and other Production Services as well. Its headquarter is in Bangkok, with its offices in the US, Myanmar, Europe, and India. It has helped produce Apache Junction (Justin Lee), Fast Vengeance (Perry Reginald Teo), Death of Me(Darren Lynn Bousman), A Stranger in Paradise (Corrado Boccia), and many more with location shoots, and much more.


9. Living Films

This company has a lot of Feature Films under its belt. Films like Tremors: Shrieker Island (NBCUniversal), Infinite (Paramount Pictures), Changeland(Stoopid Buddy Studios & Living Films), and many more where they have helped with filming in the location and sometimes have done more than that.


10. Indigo Asia Production

They have helped many houses in their location filming in Thailand. Movies like Piz Buin, Seek, Energy Australia, Chicken Licken, and many more make an appearance in the company’s production service reel on their official website.