Article: 10 C-Dramas That Were Remade Into K-Drama

Everyone appreciates a good drama show. C-Drama and K-Dramas are taking over the world with their fantastic storyline and good directions. Sometimes particular dramas gain such prominence that they are remade in other languages and in other countries. We will discuss about ten such C-Dramas that were so good that they were remade into Korean dramas. The dramas were appreciated in both the languages and countries for their story, cinematography, and the efforts of the actors.

1. A Time Called You

In 2023, Jun-hee is still mourning the loss of her boyfriend, Yeon-jun, in A Time Called You. She travels back in time to 1998 and awakens in the body of another person, 18-year-old Min-ju. She sees Si-heon, who shares an uncanny similarity to her dead boyfriend, further complicating her emotional trip. The series is based on the Taiwanese TV show Someday or One Day.

2. The Golden Hairpin (2021)

The story of the C-Drama revolves around Huang Zi Xia, a thirteen-year-old investigative genius who has shown herself by assisting her father in investigating complex crimes. At seventeen, she is on the run after being accused of murdering her family to avoid an arranged marriage. She is now on a mission to find the murderer and clear her name. With the assistance of Li Shu Bai, Prince of Kui, he requests that she go undercover as his eunuch to stop a serial killer and break a curse that threatens his life. The drama is remade into a Korean show called Our Blooming Youth (2023).

3. A Love So Beautiful (2017)

A Love So Beautiful is a Chinese television series starring Hu Yitian and Shen Yue based on Zhao Qianqian's novel To Our Pure Little Beauty. The series was remade into the Korean drama called A Love So Beautiful (2020)

4. Go Princess Go (2015)

The show is about a modern-day playboy who travels back in time 1,000 years and takes on the body of a royal princess. As a guy trapped inside a woman's body, he can freely flirt with and touch his husband's concubines. He falls in love with his husband after finding his more feminine side. The series features two potential endings in addition to the main conclusion. The drama was remade into a K-Drama with the name Mr. Queen in 2020. Both versions of the show was well received by the audience.

5. Scarlet Heart (2011)

The series follows Zhang Xiao, a modern-day lady who time-travels from the twenty-first century to the Qing Dynasty during Emperor Kangxi's reign, when she, as her former avatar Ma'er'tai Ruoxi, encounters the emperor’s sons who are engaged in an ongoing struggle for the throne. The female protagonist met and finally fell in love with Fourth Prince Aisin Gioro Yinzhen during the course of the series. It was remade into a Korean Drama called Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo in 2016.

6. Boys Over Flowers (2009)

The South Korean series portrays the story of Geum Jan-di, a working-class girl who receives a scholarship to a highly private school. Geum Jan-di argues with Gu Jun-pyo, the famed F4 leader, from the start. He goes to extraordinary  measures to make her time at school awful, but she always displays her determination until their enmity evolves into something else. Meteor Garden, a Taiwanese drama, inspired the series.

7. A Witch's Romance

A Witch's Romance tells the story of Ji-yeon, a woman who is focused on her career and has lost faith in true love after some previous incident, and the younger Dong-ha. Despite a significant age difference, they connect with each other over the things they have in common, including their broken hearts. The remake is based on the 2009 Taiwanese drama My Queen. The plots are similar, and both dramas are popular.

8. You Are My Destiny

You Are My Destiny is a drama about a pleasant office clerk and her vacation one-night affair with a handsome, charming, wealthy stranger who dramatically changes her life. The drama is a remake of the Taiwanese drama Fated To Love You, which debuted in 2008.

9. Playful Kiss

His 2010 K-drama "Mischievous Kiss," also known as "It Started with a Kiss," was based on the blockbuster Taiwanese series "It Started with a Kiss," starring Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin. The plot is based on the Japanese manga "Itazura Na Kiss," created by Tada Kaoru. The K-drama interpretation is reportedly to be the third series version of the manga, following "It Started with a Kiss" in 2005, which was later followed by "They Kiss Again."

10. Some Day Or One Day

Some Day or One Day is a superhit Taiwanese drama. The series is being remade into the Korean language as “Into Your Time,” which will star Ahn Hyo Seop, Jeon Yeo Bin, and Kang Hoon. It will be released on Netflix. It tells the story of three high school students who travel back in time and try to make the most of their moments in life.