Article: 10 Chinese Actors Who Became Overnight Stars With One Role

We all love C-Dramas and Chinese actors for their hard work, talent, and visuals. We appreciate these actors for working in our favorite dramas. But, these popular C-Dramas are not just our favorite but are also lucky for them as well. Here is a list of ten C-Drama characters that made some actors an overnight star. These dramas and the actors gained immense popularity.

1. Lin Geng Xin

Lin is a Chinese actor who is also known as Kenny Lin. He has acted in many projects. He initially worked on low-budget projects. Lin got his big break in 2015 in the movie The Taking of Tiger Mountain. He played one of the two main leads. It is one of the highest-grossing Chinese films. Since the film, Lin has worked in many more movies and dramas that were a hit.

2. Aarif Rahman

Aarif is a Chinese actor with Malaysian and Arab roots. He first gained prominence when he wrote a song for a Philippine-Chinese pop singer and then released his album. He later tried his luck in acting and got his big break with the rom-com One Night Surprise in 2013. Even though the budget for the rom-com was low, it was a success overall, and Aarif got the award of best new actor for his role in the rom-com.

3. Shen Yue

Shen is a Chinese singer, model, and actress. She made her acting debut in the drama series “Let’s Shake It” in 2017, but it was the drama series “A Love So Beautiful” that helped her become as successful as, she is today. In 2018 she did the show “Meteor Garden,” which was a remake of the 2001 show, and made her a popular name internationally.

4. Huang Xiao Ming

Huang Xiaoming, also known as Mark Huang, is a Chinese actor, singer, and model. Huang become known in 2001 as Emperor Wu of Han in the television series The Prince of Han Dynasty. Huang obtained a contract with Huayi Brothers in 2007 and began concentrating on his film career, acting in films such as The Sniper (2009) and Sacrifice (2010). He rose to fame after starring in The Prince of Han Dynasty (2001).

5. Zhou Dongyu

Zhou debuted in the acting industry with the drama Under The Hawthrone Tree in 2010. She had no prior experience in this field when she was picked for this drama. And this drama turned out to be her lucky charm. She went on to win many awards for her acting and received a lot of work in the industry. She has established herself as an acclaimed actress in the industry now. She has worked in some of the most popular dramas, such as Moses On the Plane (2021), Under the Light, (2021), and The Year Of The Everlasting Storm (2021).

6. Zhao Li Ying

Zhao debuted in the entertainment industry with the show Star Search Games. But she gained stardom only after she did the drama The Journey of Flower in 2015. The drama also became the first C-Drama to have 20 million views. She also gained many awards, including the Best Actress award for this drama. She is also called the queen of television ratings.

7. Ju Jing Yi

Ji started her career as an idol of the C-Pop group SNH48. In 2017, she started her solo journey. She made her big acting debut with the drama Legend of Yunxi in 2018 as the main lead. She was highly appreciated for her acting in the drama and also received many awards for it. She received a lot of acting assignments after the success of the drama. Ji has worked in Love Under The Full Moon (2021), Rebirth For You (2021), and many more.

8. Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan, is a Chinese actor and singer, is also known as Sean Xiao. Xiao Zhan's career in the entertainment industry began when he appeared on the idol survival show X-Fire. He started his career as an idol. He was the main vocalist of X Nine, a C-Pop boy band. Then, he set foot in the acting world with Superstar Academy (2016). The drama was a success but the drama that made Xiao famous was The Untamed (2019). The drama opened new doors for Xiao.

9. Hu Yi Tian

He debuted in the acting industry through a short film called Cat Tree. Even after working in short films, he switched to modeling. But after some time, Hu found his way back to acting. He acted in the drama A Love So Beautiful in 2017, but his breakthrough role was in the drama Go Go Squid in 2019. Even though he wasn’t the male lead in the drama, he still gained a lot of popularity and later acted in many dramas as the main lead. He was also mentioned in Vogue 30 Under 30 Asia.

10. Ren Jia Lun

Ren Jia Lun is a Chinese actor. He used to be a professional table tennis player but had to entirely because of some injuries. Before he began his acting career, Ren was initially supposed to debut in a Chinese-South Korean boy band, but it didn’t happen for unknown reasons. He made his acting debut in 2017 with the drama The Glory Of Tang Dynasty. The drama was filmed in 2014 but released only after three years. For his role in the drama, he won the Best Actor award. After the success of the drama, Ren has been getting many offers and has been busy since.