Article: 10 Actors Who Were Not The First Choice For The C-Drama

Sometimes we watch a particular drama and fall in love with the characters, the actors play the characters so well that we start associating them with the role of the drama. Be it positive or negative role, we feel the emotion of the characters. People often comment that no one other than the actor who played the role can do justice to it. But many times, it is revealed that the actors were not the first choice for the role, and the script was offered to some other actor, and they were the first choice for the character. In this article, we will look into ten such C-Drama actors who were not the first choice for the role they played.

1. Dylan Wang

In the first season of the drama “Ever Night,” Arthur Chen was the main lead. But he couldn’t film the second season of the drama as he had some schedule issues as he was filming his film “Legend Of The Awakening.” As he could not film the second season, Dylan Wang replaced him as the main lead. In the first season, Arthur played the immature, playful, and fierce younger version of the main lead, but in the second season, Dylan played a more mature and calmer version of the character. Both the actors did fantastic job in the drama.

2. Rosy Zhao

The popular drama “Who Rule The World” had Yang Yang and Rosy Zhao in the main lead. The drama is about the world of martial arts and war with a man and, a women caught in between and how their love blooms even in the middle of a war. When the drama was in production, even before Yang Yang, the name of Yang Mi for the female lead was in the news, but it couldn’t formulise as she was busy with other projects. So, Rosy Zhao replaced her as the female lead, and she did justice to the role.

3. Simon Gong

Simon Gong did the drama “Word of Honor” and was one of the main leads with Zhang Zhehan. But interestingly, neither of them was the first choice for their respective roles. Actor Li Daikun was the initial choice to play the role that Simon Gong played. But the role at the end went to Simon Gong, and honestly, we cannot imagine anyone else in this role.

4. Wu Jinyan

Wu Jinyan is a famous Chinese actress best known for the drama “Beauties at the Crossfire.” Wu worked in the popular drama “Royal Feast,” but at first, she was not the choice to play the female lead. According to the news, Bai Lu was the initial choice for the female lead. But things could not work out with Bai Lu, and the role was passed on to Wu Jinyan.

5. Leo Wu

Even before the shoots of the drama “The Long Ballad” started, the name of Shaw Qu for the male lead was in the news. But due to the conflict between the actor and his management, he did not proceed with the project. After Shaw dropped out of the project the place for the male lead was vacant, and it was given to Leo Wu. When he was cast for the role, many people were confused as Leo was young and if he could carry the role perfectly, but once the drama was released, Leo proved himself to be a capable actor.

6. Zhang Han

Zhang Han is a Chinese actor, producer, singer, and host. He made his debut in 2009 with the drama “Let’s Watch Meteor Shower.” Mark Huang stepped out of the drama “Here to Heart” to film another drama, “The Years You Were Late.” Because Mark stepped out of the drama Hear to Heart, the role of the main lead went to Zhang Han. In the drama, he played the character of the CEO whose first love returns to work for him in his company as his employee, and with time, they fall in love with each other again.

7. Jiang Chao

In 2016, Korean actor Kim Tae Hwan was set to do a C-Drama, which made the Korean and Chinese audience excited. He had earlier acted in the C-Drama “My Amazing Boyfriend,” which was a massive success in both countries. Kim Tae Hwan was supposed to star in the C-drama “The Fox Summer” with the actress Seven Tan, and they even attended a press conference together for the drama. But Kim Tae pulled out of the drama all of a sudden without any reason. But later on, it made sense as the ban on the Korean Chinese co-production was announced. Jiang Chao replaced Kim Tae as the main lead of the drama, which was the character of the CEO of a fashion brand.

8. Zhang Zhehan

Zhang Zhehan is a Chinese singer and actor. In the Chinese historical drama Legend of Ban Shu (2015), he played Wei Ying. He replaced Mao Zijun to play the role in the drama “Word of Honor.” Mao was filming for his other drama, so he could not take up this project. Initially, Mao was ready to play the role, but while waiting for the shoot of the drama to start, he started working on some other drama and then prioritized that drama over Word of Honor.

9. Li Dai Kun

Li Dai Kun is a Chinese actor who made his debut in 2008, at the age of 16, in the film of CCTV's "Same Song" Olympic special program "China Has Me." In 2009, he performed the dance repertoire "Tian Sing" at the "Communication University of China 55th Anniversary Theatrical Performance" at the Great Hall of the People. Li Dai was the first choice for one of the main leads of the drama, but felt that he was not fit for the role and gave it up. But after he gave the lead role, he was then asked to play a supporting character, which was not initially written for him.

10. Huang Xiao Ming

Huang gained prominence after starring in the drama “Prince of Han Dynasty.” Though the drama was a hit for Huang’s career, he was not the first choice for the role. The role was offered to some other actor who for some reason, could not take the project, and eventually, it went to Huang. The drama was a hit, and established Huang as an actor in the industry.