Article: Top 10 Upcoming Chinese Dramas Scheduled To Get Released In 2022

There is an interest in what the  Chinese Mainland will provide this year. Given a lot of dramas produced a year, this will definitely not be comprehensive and generally speaking, it is difficult to anticipate when a drama will appear. Here is a list of the Top 10 Upcoming Chinese Dramas Scheduled to get released in 2022.

1. See You Again

A new screenwriter from the twenty-first century meets a movie star from the Republican period. Time and place are no longer barriers between two people as they begin a love story of togetherness. After getting a shot in a movie, Xiang Qin Yu finds himself time-traveling to the present. As they develop a romantic relationship, Xiang Qin Yu also investigates the shooting incident and the reality of his tragic rebirth.

2. Let's Meet Now

A miscommunication leads to the meeting of Ji Qiu, a young writer-director, and Zhou Zi Qian, a shooter who has just returned to China, at a shooting range. Later the two got able to interact in both their professional and personal lives owing to Ji Qiu's team's new variety show Let's Meet Now, which allowed them to get to know one another better.

3. Side Story Of Fox Volant

Hu Fei, the drama's main character, enters the arena to take revenge on his father during the story. He evolved from a carefree teenager to a generation of heroes that genuinely care about the regular people and serve the nation and the people.

4. The Disappearing Child

The nine-year-old son of Yang Yuan disappeared in the stairway early on the morning of the winter solstice. Before going missing, he got discovered by the authorities to have broken into a neighbor's home. The suspicious neighbor has a strong defense as if operating a magic room escape from a distance. He came across the fear of illusion and truth around that time and unintentionally touched on another mystery. These seemingly unrelated individuals cross paths and begin their search for solutions as they are in different times and places.

5. Thousand Years For You

The comedy-filled romance between the "Once in a Thousand Years General" Lu Yan and the "Righteous Lady" Yu Deng Deng is the subject of the drama. In this drama, the mysterious Lu Yan accidentally encounters Yu Deng Deng, the village leader of Qingquan, and thus begins their destined love affair.

6. Liberation Of Shanghai

The series offers an examination of the efforts made by members of the Communist Party of China to rebuild the city and revive its economy after Shanghai got freed in May 1949. It shows how the Party liberates the city and addresses many political, economic, and social concerns with wisdom, faith, and togetherness. To restore the city's production and trade, restore social and political order, and fight outlaws and hostile agents.

7. Princess Nobility

Yun Jiao, the Princess Chang Yi of the Dong Yuan Kingdom, is incredibly clever and skilled in martial arts. Feng Qing Yan is the unexpected Crown Prince Wu Min of the Xi Yang Kingdom, with an icy attitude and a dashing appearance. The two of them accidentally switched bodies with one another & began to feel for each other even though things were happening.

8. A Romance Of The Little Forest

Yu Meiren, a fashion blogger, only wears makeup to keep up her beauty. Meiren started with the desire to use her charms as revenge against the man who rejected her. Zhang Yu, a professor of botany, has committed to studying the cultivation of sweet wormwood in his life's work. He also discovers sentiments of warmth and love at the same time that he wouldn't have obtained from caring for plants.

9. She And Her Perfect Husband

Qin Shi, a single female lawyer, was pressured into marriage by her parents despite being committed to her job. One condition for hiring family law specialists at the prestigious legal firm Cheng and Hui is marital status. The second brother of Qin Shi, Qin Wei, a headhunter, covertly changed Qin Shi's relationship status to "married" without her knowledge, inventing an imaginary husband for her out of nowhere.

10. Are You Safe

The World Wide Web is home to three people Qin Huai, Zhou You, and Chen Mo. They all hold to the great concept that "technology for good" is the only solution, even though they each have different approaches to problem-solving. They work together to combat cybercrime and ensure that regular net users are kept safe.