Article: Top 10 Thai BL On-Screen Couples

The Thai entertainment industry is growing on a larger scale, and the genre in the film industry that is very famous worldwide is the BL genre. So many people from all around the world have started watching the BL series. The actors who have played in these series have had growth in their fan base overseas. The love and appreciation from the fans towards these actors are just amazing.

1. BrightWin

Many fans would agree that they started watching the BL series because of them. They have been named the “BL kings.” Bright and Win’s series “2gether: The Series” and Still Together has been a global success. The chemistry between them that they have shown in their series is just impeccable. Fans have loved them together and wish to see them work together in more series. They have been best friends even after the series ended, and their connection is loved by the fans.

2. MewGulf

The name of their series are “TharnType: The Series” and “TharnType 2: 7 years of Love.” The chemistry between them has inspired many fans to write Wattpad stories. Mew and Gulf have won many awards for their series. Many fans are sad, as they haven’t worked in a series together, but are still hoping for them to do so in the future.

3. OffGun

Off and Gun are the iconic duo of the industry. They have worked together for almost 22 series and have influenced each other in a very positive way. Many fans have said that they have the cutest chemistry, and their closeness is something the fans love the most. Their latest series, “Not Me,” has received a great amount of love. In 2022, they have participated in a TV series “Safe House Season 3: Best Bro Secret.”

4. MileApo

Mile and Apo have recently worked together in the series “KinnPorche.” The official trailer of the series had made the fans get hooked on the series even before releasing it. The chemistry between these two actors is just different from the rest of the couple in the industry. Their series was super hit, and they went on a tour with the rest of the cast.

5. OhmNanon

Many fans were delighted when Ohm and Nanon worked together in a series. They had been best friends for a long time and fans wanted to see them together. Their series “Bad Buddy” had been a massive success as the chemistry between them was impeccable. The fans were sad when they heard the news of them not working together, but with a heavy heart and positive attitude, they will continue to support them for their projects.

6. EarthMix

Earth and Mix have worked together for almost eight years. Their chemistry between them is just unbelievable, and fans want to see them working together in new projects. The way they act when they are together is just charming. Their latest series, “Moonlight Chicken,” has received so much love from the fans that they can’t wait for them to work on a new project.

7. ZeeNunew

Zee has been working in the entertainment industry for quite some time. On the other hand, Nunew has just started his career in acting. Nunew’s first project was with Zee, and the name of their series is “Cutie Pie.” The chemistry between them is just fasinating, and also, their age difference is so cute. The fans are anticipating their new projects, which are yet to be released.

8. BounPrem

Boun and Prem have paired up together for the first time in 2019, and since then, fans have loved their chemistry. They have worked together in many series, and all of them have been a hit. Their latest series, “Between Us,” has been a super hit and has grasped the attention of many BL fans. Their fan base has been growing on a huge scale.

9. BossNouel

Boss and Nouel have just started their career in the entertainment industry and have already won the hearts of many viewers with their amazing chemistry in the series “Love in the Air.” Fans have loved their adorable connection off-screen and onscreen. When fans learned about their lovely interaction during the audition for the series, they stated that it was their destiny to be together.

10. JoongDunk

Fans love the chemistry that they have off-screen. Both the actors work under the GMTV and have worked together on many projects. The bond that these two share is just outstanding. They have a new series that is on air, and the fans have loved to see the unique character that Joong is playing. They often do live streams together and show their goofy side to their fans.