Article: 10 Japanese Reality Shows

Japan is well known for the production of anime. Many people later came to know that this show “Takashi’s Castle,” was a Japanese reality show. Everyone must have watched this famous reality game show as it was pretty famous worldwide. Apart from being a hub for anime fans, Japan has many things to offer like locations, food, music etc.

1. Iron Chef

In this reality show, many chefs from all around the world come together to the Kitchen Stadium to have a culinary battle with one of the best chefs of Chairman Kaga also known as “Iron Chef.” The challenger and Iron chef get an hour to prepare the meal. Then it’s presented to the panel of judges who determine the best winning meal.

2. Run For The Money

In this show, many celebrity contestants who have to race with time and also outsmart the black-clad hunters. In the end, the winner gets a huge cash prize. Many fans have loved this show as they can see their favorite stars having fun and outwitting the other participants.

3. Love Village

This is a dating reality show, where sixteen single contestants are sent to a house in the mountains where they try to find connections away from the reality of the world. All the phones of the contestants are taken away and they are given 30,000 yen for food. It isn’t a lot but they can grow vegetables in the garden.

4. Love Is Blind: Japan

In this show, the single people talk to a stream of potential lovers. After finding the love, they go back to the real world and plan for their wedding. The couples discover whether they will be able to turn their emotional connection into true love before the ceremony approaches. Fans have loved the way the contestants have acted and the friendships that they have formed in both the male and female groups.

5. Documental

This show is a very interesting reality show as the ten entertainers who have participated in this show must pay a fee of one million yen to enter a room for six hours. The challenge in this game is they have to make others laugh but if any person laughs then they are immediately evicted. The last person who stands till the end wins a cash prize of ten million yen.

6. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo is a renowned tidying expert who helps people to declutter the lives of the people. She teaches people to keep one’s houses free of all the things that do not add value to life. Marie’s signature question is “Does it spark joy?” She also helps to ease the process of an exciting house makeover.

7. Old Enough

This is one of the cutest reality shows produced in Japan. This show features children between the ages of three to six years, who run errands without the help of adults. In Japan, it is very common for children to run errands on their way from elementary school. But for those children who haven’t attended elementary school yet is a quite surprising story. The safety of the children is always considered and the production crew always follows them while running their errands.


This dating reality show is very unique as compared to the other shows. It shows the reality of the most low-budget dating show. There are eighteen participants with a single dark secret. They are put together in Okinawa for three days where they get to know each other and go on dates. But there is a catch to it as in the most unpredictable moment the dark secret of any one participant will be exposed. This concept of the show was one of the catchiest aspects to the viewers.

9. Takeshi’s Castle

This game show is one of the best shows in history as it is a mixture of competition and laughter. Here, about a hundred contestants join General Tani’s army and go through a lot of tests. This game show has always been one of the best reality shows produced in Japan. It has also been a key memory of their childhood for many viewers.

10. Terrace House

This is a dating reality show where six men and women who are completely unknown to each other come under one roof. The fans have found this show very addictive and interesting as it shows various nature of the contestants. The most intriguing aspect is the positive attitude the contestants have towards bettering themselves. Every episode has its unique side.