Article: Top 10 K-Pop Groups Who Have Their Drama

Being a K-pop idol is tiring enough, but imagine having to act in your very own television and web series! K-pop idols have the image of being all-rounders and are encouraged to try every new field. As much as it sounds hard for them, we can see their love for their supporters. Thus putting out a variety of content is seen as fruitful for them.   Although nowadays it is common to see kpop idols working on big screens, here are ten kpop groups that have acted and have their drama series, which is eye candy for their fans.

1. ASTRO – To Be Continued

‘To Be Continued’ is a 2015 web drama, consisting of 12 episodes. It has ASTRO as the main lead and follows a story where the members mysteriously find themselves transported to the past just before their highly anticipated debut stage. Being confronted with various concerns and challenges that they must overcome, the question remains: will they be able to resolve everything to make their debut a success in time? This is must watch for those who love time travel mysteries.

2. GOT7 – Dream Knight

A year after debuting, GOT7 starred in their high school theme web drama, which revolves around the plot of a girl who calls for the boys, known as "dream knights," who transform from keychain plushies to humans for protection and comfort for her suffering from her past experiences. This exciting fantasy-filled main plot revolves around friendship, love, pain, care, and dreams, with the chance to imagine their favorites as their dreamy knights.

3. SUPER JUNIOR – Attack On The Pin-Up Boys

Released in 2007, although not a drama, this 81-minute movie series shows Super Junior as a flower boy student suddenly under mysterious attacks. They team up to find the real culprit behind this event, in the hope to stop another attack on the next possible target. This movie correctly portrays the reputation of Super Junior as one of the goofiest and most humorous K-pop groups. If you decide to give this a watch, you are in for some wacky comedy.

4. TREASURE – Mysterious Class

In this short horror yet cute YouTube web drama, TREASURE as students, face a horrific situation when there is one extra student while taking attendance. Having an eerie feeling lingering around them throughout the series, the members try to solve the mystery and discover the threatening presence of a spirit that befalls the class. Will they be able to catch the ghost, or would they give up? Do watch out for the acting skills of the talented rookie group!

5. EXO – EXO Next Door

Will you not be over the moon if you get to know that your favorite K-pop group ends up living next door? That happens in this web drama, starring four members of EXO and actress Moon Ga Young. EXO hires their neighbor for housekeeping, but it turns out that she is a super fan and recognizes them right away. Ironically, she remembers from a blurry past that Chanyeol is her childhood friend, and soon it develops into the inevitable love triangle between her and two of the members. Watch this drama for some fluffy swooning moments and find out which member ends up with her.

6. SF9 – Click Your Heart

This interactive high school drama romance starring the members of SF9 and Mina of AOA is the first drama where the main character chooses her ending. The lovable character of Mina is a transfer student who starts receiving attention and capturing the interest of four irresistible, charming boys. She gets confused throughout the series as the boys try their best to form a connection with her. Curious to know who woos her heart and what ending she chooses. Do give it a watch!

7. LOONA – First Love Story

Most of us would have thought of getting into relationships once we entered university. Also known as ‘Woomanna’, this three-season drama has a cast consisting of subunits of LOONA: LOONA 1/3 and LOONA Odd Eye Circle. Much to the relevance of the university-going students, it gains the interest of many viewers as it consists of different love stories. Moreover, each episode highlights romance from a new perspective. One can relate to specific episodes, as every individual has their own, personal experiences. Watch it yourself and see which episode you relate to most.

8. GOLDEN CHILD – Crazy Petty Housemate

Although not a well-known web drama among the many, the first web sitcom of GOLDEN CHILD is an eight-episode sitcom aired on Lululala Story Lab media platforms. This series tells the story of 10 close boys who have lived together since high school and now explore the universe in the early days of university. Expecting it to be an easy way for the university with enjoyment and relationships, they find out it is not all that sweet when they start facing problems. Witness how they tackle through fresh experiences and bond among themselves even more. You can easily find this adorable drama on YouTube as well.

9. ONF – Can I Step In?

ONF steps into acting mode with this short yet fulfilling drama centered around five male housemates residing under one roof until a newly arrived woman joins them. Surprise! Different kinds of relationships bloom from trying to adapt and rely on each other in this fresh situation. This dynamic gives rise to various scenes of romance, comedy, and amusing moments as they go about the series. Have you ever experienced something like this? Well, see for yourself!

10. KARA – Secret Love

In 2014, KARA released 5-episode romance drama that features five different love stories. The members acted as the main lead in each one of them with well-known male leads. As cute as it gets, the whole series revolves around themes connected to love, which cover first love, messy breakups, unrequited love, various couples and their dating methods. This is a good watch for someone looking for a quick romance!