Article: Top 10 Diets Introduced By Kpop Idols

In recent years, Hallyu (Korean wave) has taken over the world with its magic and charm. Kpop artists have a huge fan base not only in Asia but also around the world. Along with this wave came new beauty, fashion standards, and trends. You must have seen Kpop artists with perfect slim and lean bodies. Flat stomach, toned arms, eleven line abs, and what not!

These artists were created by the Goddess of beauty, Aphrodite herself. However, everything we see is accompanied by a price they must pay. All the Korean actors and K-pop idols have to work vigorously hard to achieve the high beauty standards of Southeast Asia to stand out in the industry.

Many k-pop idols have to lose a tremendous amount of weight, even being in the normal/healthy weight category, to excel and survive in this glamorous industry. Several diets went popular, but here are the top 10 k-pop idol diets:

10. The Jimin Diet

This diet is called the Jimin diet or one meal diet. It became a hit after Park Jimin from BTS tried it and hence is named after him. During the comeback of 2016, the idol restricted himself to eating only one meal a day, usually a chicken breast or something low in calories. He had extreme comeback routines and workouts along with this diet, making it harder. After this diet, Jimin lost over 10kgs in 15days.


9. The IU Diet

IU, a famous Korean singer introduced this diet. It is popular among Korean teens and women who look up to her as an idol. She usually follows this diet before every comeback for at least 15 days with a consistent workout routine. This diet includes an apple for breakfast, two sweet potatoes for lunch, and then one glass protein shake for dinner.


8. The Seo In-Young’s Banana Diet

There was a time in Japan when bananas were sold out from supermarkets within a matter of hours. This banana diet is very popular in Japan and Korea. Seo In-young stated that she lost 6kgs in 4 weeks using this diet. It is said that this diet can burn off your facial fat and belly fat. You just have one banana for breakfast, and can have anything for lunch and dinner.


7. The Paper Cup Diet

The Kpop girl group 9 Muses introduced this diet. It mainly focuses on controlling portions. You can eat whatever you want as long as the portion is small. Disposable small paper cups are used to measure the food. Use three paper cups and fill them with whatever you’d like to eat. This way, people can eat whatever they want without feeling confined to limited options.

6. The Watermelon Diet

Since watermelon consists mainly of water, it helps to reduce appetite. It allows you to stay full on fewer calories without depriving your body of essential vitamins. Park Bom of 2ne1 used this diet to lose weight quickly.

5. The SNSD’s 1500 Kcal Diet

The 1500kcal diet was the dietary plan of SNSD probably provided by their agency, SM entertainment. This diet, as the name suggests, has 1500 kcal. It included 50g of herbs, five pieces of broccoli, 150g of brown rice, and 100g of chicken breasts.  In addition to diet, they also have a workout plan to keep them in shape.


4. The Suzy Diet

Suzy is one of those artists whose weight loss transformation has completely surprised the Korean industry and fans worldwide. She followed a strict diet routine that includes chicken breast, a sweet potato, and a glass of low-fat milk for breakfast. Then a bowl of brown rice and vegetable salad for lunch, followed by two or sometimes one sweet potato for dinner.


3. The Coffee Diet

Xiumin from the very well-known K-pop boy group EXO was called “chubby” by many Korean fans. However, his weight loss transformation was very extreme and stunned everyone. He followed the coffee diet, which meant he ate only once every two days and drank only coffee for the rest of the time. During the promotion of “growl”, the idol only weighed 53 kgs.


2. The Danish Diet

This diet is based on the propaganda of high protein and low fats and carbs. It only lasts for 13 days. Nicole from KARA lost more than 3kgs with this diet.


1. The Wheesung 13 Day Deadly-Wendy Diet

This diet is also known as the “Wendy diet” after Wendy of red velvet, the famous K-pop girl group by SM entertainment, used it to lose weight. In this diet, the idol ate only ½ bowl of rice for breakfast and ½ apple for dinner, which results in 350 calories per day. It has a workout routine that includes running 40 times in a circle and jumping 3000 rope. This diet is one of the most extreme diets out there!


So, those were our picks on the top 10 k-pop diets, in no particular rank. Besides these diets, these idols and artists have vigorous training and routines and workouts, which makes these diets even harder.

It is essential to be aware that most of these diets don’t even meet your daily requirement of calories (BML), which is not healthy, and we certainly don’t recommend them.