Article: Top 10 Korean Singers Ruling Hearts In 2022

There are many young talents in the k-pop industry, every year several young singers and idol debut in the entertainment industry, however, only some of them stands out from the rest. In this list, we have named ten such young South Korean singers who have the potential to rule 2022. These young talents have shown their crumbs of skills and impressed their fans. Right from performance to skills these singers have just the right mixture of everything that is needed to be a star. You should look out for their endeavours in 2022.

1. Aespa

Aespa is a k-pop group consisting of 4 members, Giselle, Karina, Ningning, and Winter. These young singers have been proving their potential since their debut when they first debuted. Aespa is often called Monster Rookies because of the impact they have had in such a short time since 2020. These young k-pop idols will surely rule 2022.


2. Treasure

Treasure is a boy group consisting of twelve members. The group debuted in 2020. This rookie group is one you should keep an eye on. Treasure has been gradually forming a strong fanbase with their every Comeback.


3. TXT

TXT is another young group of k-pop idols who will rule the year 2022, judging by their past graph. TXT debuted in 2019, the group has five members. The group has found wide fame and recognition globally despite being a new debutant.



ITZY is one of the most promising 4th generation k-pop girl groups. The group debuted in 2019 and consists of five members, Lia, Ryujin, Yeji, Chaeryeong, and Yuna. This k-pop group has been conquering the k-pop scene since their debut single, DallaDalla.


5. (G)I-dle

(G)I-dle is a k-pop group that debuted in 2018. The group consists of five members currently as one of the members, Soojin departed from the group in 2021. This k-pop group has broken many records since its debut and is a k-pop group that would rule 2022.



ENHYPEN is a South Korean idol group that debuted in 2020. The group consists of seven members and was formed through a survival competition reality show. The group has achieved success in a very less period and is expected to rule the k-pop scene in 2022.


7. Weekly

Weekly is a girl group of South Korea that debuted in 2020. Weekly has a cutesy image that has been liked by the audience, the group has also released some of the greatest bops in such a short time since debuting.


8. StayC

StayC is another new debutant of the k-pop industry, the group debuted in 2020. Their songs have been ranked high in the music charts. The group is one of the most promising new debutants in the K-pop industry.


9. Everglow

Everglow is a South Korean girl group that debuted in 2019. The group has been garnering attention since its debut and has established quite a loyal fanbase both domestically and internationally. The group consists of six members.



Concluding this list with the k-pop boy group, ATEEZ. ATEEZ has been making quite a roar globally and has garnered popularity because of its talents and skills. There are eight members in ATEEZ. This k-pop group is very much potential in ruling 2022.