Article: Top 10 Korean Reality Shows To Cheer You Up!

The hype of Korean dramas has been spreading like fire for a while, and it doesn't stop there. The fans have now developed their love for Korean variety shows, which shows their favorite celebrities having fun playing games and conversing. Every variety show works with a different concept that has won over the hearts of the viewers. This list contains a few incredible shows that can lift your spirits make you obsessed with their jokes and ad-libs.

So, if you are looking for a show to cheer you up after a long day, this list has got your back. Here's the list of 10 assorted Korean reality shows to tickle you breathless.

1. Knowing Bros

Last but not least on this list is Knowing Bros, also know as Ask us Anything. The show depicts a fake classroom with hosts of the show as students who answer various questions given by the guests. The show has other segments as well, where they interact with the guests. The format of the show has grown its popularity as the comic timing and ad-libs would make you laugh till you cry!

Genre: Reality show, Talk show, comedy

Aired: December 2015

No. of episodes: 298 (as of September 2021)


2. Running Man

Running man is another reality show based on competitions, with one of the highest ratings and big fandom. The show is on the basis on tasks or missions that are supposed to be completed by the guests to win the prize and avoid punishments. The show's funny approach to competitive games is what makes it one of the best cheerful shows to watch.

Genre: game show, reality show

Aired: July 2010

No. of episodes: 572


3. Weekly Idol

This reality show comprises many segments like 2x dance challenge, show me the card, remember the dance, top charts, etc., where the guests play along with challenges, win prizes, and have fun. The show had numerous games, each changing with the episodes, and has a talk time where the hosts interact with the idols through some fun conversations.

Genre: Variety show, talk show, comedy

Aired: July 2011

No. of episodes: 521


4. Run BTS

Run BTS is another on the list for idol shows with the same boy band as the star and host, BTS. The show's format is various games played by the seven band members, in groups also as individuals, to win prizes. On losing the game, they have to complete their punishments.

Genre: Comedy, idol, friendship

Aired: 2019

No. of episodes: 366 (as of October 2021)


5. The Return Of Superman

The return of superman is a slice of life, a reality show filled with cuteness. In it, celebrity dads are left alone with toddlers for 48 hours without any help, while the moms take a nice break. The toddlers being the cutest part of the show, but dads trying to keep up with the situation is another type of cuteness.

Genre: reality show, a slice of life

Aired: Sep 2013

No. of episodes: 372


6. Two Days One Night 

Continuing the saga of travel-based variety shows, this is another traveling-based reality show. The show has a format where the cast and the guests on the trip are given missions to gain benefits and avoid punishments. The traveling dairies filled with funny penalties are perfect to lift one’s sad mood.

Genre: Traveling, comedy

Aired: August 2007

No. of episodes: 631


7. New Journey To The West

Inspired by the Chinese novel, Journey to the West, the show bases on the cast dressing as characters. The cast travel around fighting through games to acquire 'dragon balls.' If the players can collect all the 7 balls through various games, they get a chance of getting their wish granted by the show.

Genre: comedy, traveling, variety show.

Aired: September 2015

No. of episodes: 42


8. BTS Bon Voyage

BTS Bon voyage is a variety show with idol boy band BTS as its host. It represents BTS traveling and having fun while building up their bond. The reality show is one of the shortest ones on the list, making it perfect for binge-watching and having a great laugh. The traveling diary of the band while they are engaged in their family environment is one of the best wholesome series to uplift your spirit.

Genre: Adventure, comedy, life, family

Aired: July 2016

No. of episodes: 24


9. Amazing Saturday

Amazing Saturday or "DoReMi Market" refers to the Korean food market and bases the show on winning food! The variety show represents selected three items of food, where the hosts and the guests follow the dressing theme of the show and have the game fight to win their food. The players must finish the lyrics correctly and answer the quiz to win and acquire the feast!

Genre: Variety show, game show, music

Aired: April 2018

No. of episodes: 180 (as of October 2021)


10. After School Club

The first one on the list is a live variety show that gives Korean and international fans a chance to chat with their idols via video chat. This variety show concept is very different from others on the list, with stars and fan's interaction and never-ending hilarious talks.

The show started with Eric Nam and Jang Han-Byul as hosts and immediately gained its fandom. The show aired in 2013, reaching a rating of 8.6 now.

Genre: Entertainment, Music

Aired: April 2013

No. of episodes: 491 (as of October 2021)