Article: Top 10 K-Pop Idols Whose Visual Changed After Losing Weight In 2022

We all are well aware of the beauty measures Koreans prioritize. To achieve their ideal goals, idols must attempt extreme weight loss diets. The standards they expect to reach are incredibly high, which causes a lot of stress among them, from eating the bare minimum to starving themselves. Here are some of the idols who attempted extreme weight loss diets, which helped them lose not only pounds but also changed their visuals.

1. Jimin, Member Of ‘BTS’ 

Jimin, a famous K-pop Idol praised worldwide for his looks and talent, changed physically after he shredded those extra pounds. He used to have chubby cheeks, unlike the sharp jawline he has now. He revealed in one of his interviews about shredding 10 kg of weight and also stated that it was a one-meal diet. He further mentioned that he didn't like how he looked while practicing the choreography of blood, sweat, and tears. He practiced his extreme weight loss diet for months which helped him achieve the sexy and attractive features he has.


2. Wendy, Red Velvet

Wendy's visuals wholly changed after her weight. Her extreme weight loss journey made worried her fans as she looked skinny in some of her pictures but other than that, her transformation changed her visuals and gave her that vital spark.


3. Xiumin, Member Of  ‘EXO’

He had an adorable childlike look before his weight loss, but after following his strict diets and doing workouts, his visuals wholly changed, and it gave him a mature look. He changed from an adorable boy to a handsome man.


4. Hwasa, Mamamoo

Hwasa is a very talented singer, famous and loved by many national and international fans. She has a cute and beautiful face. Still, she later got hated because of her appearance. She lost some pounds, giving her a sensual womanly look. She undoubtedly looks gorgeous now like she used to look before.


5. IU, Singer, And Actress

IU, an incredibly talented singer, actress and composer known for being youthful and emotive and having cute visuals in South Korea was criticised during her debut because of her weight. She did an extreme diet, also known as the IU diet, which completely changed her appearance and gave her that youthful charm she has.


6. Joy, Red Velvet

Joy, a member of the Red Velvet group, is appreciated for her vocal skills, talents, and stunning visuals. Still, she also had to attempt numerous diets and workouts to achieve those visuals, and we can see how much she transformed after her weight loss.


7. Song Hye Kyo, Actress 

Song Hye Kyo is a very famous South Korean actress and is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in the Korean industry and is also called a visual goddess. As shown in the picture, her visuals changed significantly after her weight loss. It gave her a youthful, refreshed look. There is no doubt that even in her 40s, she looks like a teenager.


8. Seo In Guk, Actor And Singer 

You might not believe that the above two pictures are of the same person but trust me, it's true. Seo In Guk is an actor and singer known for his famous dramas ‘Doom at Your Service’ (2021) and ‘Reply 1997’ (2012). His challenging and rigid workout routines and extreme diets paid off, and you can see how handsome he is now.



T.O.P. from boy band group ‘Big Bang’ is genuinely unrecognizable after he lost those pounds. He has those breathtaking visuals along with his talent. But he was not born with those charming visuals. He had to work hard to achieve them. He reportedly lost 20 kilograms in just 40 days by following challenging diets and a huge amount of exercise. 


10. Suzy, Actress, And Singer

The famous actress and singer looked beautiful in her early career but got criticized by haters for being chubby. Later, she lost pounds and turned into a visual queen and is now considered one of the top actresses because of her talents and goddess looks.