Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Almost Chose A Different Career!

It is not easy to believe that if they had chosen a different profession, the famous people we are so accustomed to seeing on TV would not have been actors. We frequently think that celebrities have always aspired to be actors because of how they are portrayed to the public. It may seem that they were destined for fame due to their charisma and attractiveness, but that isn't always the case. Many of these famous people you see now had different goals and ambitions as children before by chance falling into the entertainment business. Here are 10 South Korean celebrities whose careers almost took a different turn.

1. Lee Min Ho

In an interview, Lee Min Ho admitted that he had aspirations of being a soccer champion when he was younger. This desire was wrecked despite his best efforts due to his severe injury in elementary school. In high school, he began acting, and in college, he majored in film. Even now, as a hobby, he continues to enjoy the sport.


2. Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki always wanted to be a short-track speed skater. He participated in several competitions and even represented the city of Daejeon nationally. He didn't have to give up on his ambition until he sustained an injury in high school. His role in the K-drama "Triple," made great use of his skating abilities.


3. Jun Ji Hyun

Jun Ji Hyun had always envisioned herself being a flight attendant and the lifestyle that came with being able to travel the world. Unfortunately, Ji Hyun, who was still relatively young, gave up her dream after having a particularly unpleasant flight experience. She eventually started modeling when she was 16, after being introduced to the business by a friend.


4. Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk began pursuing show business in the hopes of becoming a K-pop idol after being inspired by Rain. The actor admitted that he even trained for three months under SM entertainment before resigning and finally pursuing acting during a guest appearance on KBS' Entertainment Relay.


5. Won Bin

Won Bin never had aspirations other than to work as a vehicle mechanic while growing up in the country. He was a motorbike and vehicle enthusiast. Even in high school, he attended a technical skills-focused program, where he picked up the technical knowledge required to fix cars. Without giving it much thought, Won Bin applied for a job at a cable television station in his senior year of high school. Shortly after, a talent agency signed him and his career as a professional actor began.


6. Song Hye Kyo

When Song Hye Kyo was in elementary school, she began training to become a professional figure skater. Just before entering high school, she decided to stop. Instead, she discovered that she was signing up for modeling competitions, acing each of them. She soon received her first drama casting, which propelled her to her current position as one of the most famous Korean actresses.


7. Nam Joo Hyuk

Nam Joo Hyuk initially pursued an athletic career. The three years the actor spent playing basketball for his school team fueled his desire to become a professional basketball player. The two shin surgeries he underwent caused him to give up on his dream. He decided to pursue acting after the injury.


8. Sung Hoon

Sung Hoon's life path seemed to have constantly pointed towards becoming a professional swimmer. He put in 14 years of preparation for the activity, even enrolling in a swimming program at a university where he participated in the butterfly stroke competition. His swimming ambitions abruptly ended when he had a spinal injury that ended his career. He subsequently joined the military. The decision to pursue an acting profession came to him at this moment.


9. So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub, like his "Oh My Venus" co-star, spent 11 years training to become a professional swimmer. His parents encouraged him to compete in the Korean National Games, where he placed third overall.  Ji Sub started modeling as a side job to supplement his income; this later led to him getting movie roles, and the rest is history.


10. Jung Hae In

Jung Hae In chose to major in biotechnology because he wanted to pursue a career in that area after graduation. After being noticed by an acting agency in front of an ice cream shop, he ultimately forgot about his original dream. In his opinion, the chance he was given to pursue a career in entertainment was pure fate.