Article: Top 10 K-Idols With Gummy Smiles

Gummy smiles are said to be smiles where the gums of the teeth on our upper jaw are visible to a greater extent. Even though some may find these a problem, gummy smiles add cuteness to their faces. Having a gummy smile is said to be genetic and more common in women than in men. Among idols, a gummy smile isn't insecurity, but a peculiar trait, making them highly attractive. There are many idols in the K-Pop industry known for their beautiful smiles. So here is a list of the top 10 k-idols with gummy smiles. Caution, they are highly contagious.

1. Nayeon

The eldest sister of Twice, Nayeon, is said to have the most beautiful gummy smile ever. Nayeon has a beautiful and friendly personality. She has a round face with cute cheeks visible when she smiles. Nayeon has perfect body features, which makes her the lead visual in her group, with a beautiful gummy smile.


2. Suga

Min Yoongi, the main rapper and producer of BTS, is also known for his gummy smiles. Suga is said to have a cat-like personality. One may mistake him for an unreachable person in the beginning, with intimidating looks. But Suga is a person with a very kind heart and incredibly talented. Suga is one of the top ten rappers in the K-pop industry.


3. Han Jisung

The ace of the 4th generation in K-pop, Jisung is known for his heart-shaped gummy smile. Han Jisung is a producer, rapper, dancer, vocalist, lyricist, and a visual of Stray Kids. He has the highest credit score for songs among the idols from the 2000s. According to his members, Han is the mood maker of his group, making everyone smile with his contagious gummy smile.


4. Mark

Mark Tuan, the eldest member of GOT7, a boy band previously under JYP Entertainment, is noted to have a gummy smile. Mark is a Taiwanese born in America. Mark has an incredibly charismatic personality. He has a partnership with Spark Aligners for a journey of aligning his teeth, starting this June.


5. S.Coups

S.Coups is a charismatic leader of the popular boy band "Seventeen" and the leader of the Hip- Hop subunit. He is also a part of the SVT Leaders team. S.Coups is said to have a cute gummy smile, which his fans find adorable. He is a genius songwriter, having credits for almost all songs of his group.


6. Xiumin

Kim Minseok of EXO, going by the stage name Xiumin is also a brilliant idol with a gummy smile. Being the eldest of the group, Xiumin has a remarkable aura. He is also a part of the sub-units EXO-CBX and EXO-M. After his military discharge, Xiumin attended various TV shows and currently working on his new album.


7. Doyoung

NCT's Doyoung is a marvelous 27-year-old actor, host, and idol. Doyoung is the main vocalist in NCT's sub-units, NCT 127 and NCT U. Doyoung is well known for his gummy smile. He has sung several OSTs for dramas. He also has discography records with his fellow artists from his company.


8. Hwiyoung

SF9 members call Hwiyoung the "happy virus" and mood lifter of their group as he smiles cutely. Hwiyoung's fans say he has an attractive smile. The 23-year-old is a rapper and a dancer in his group. He has also acted in a few web dramas like Click Your Heart, Miracle, and The Mermaid Prince.


9. Eunhyuk

Eunhyuk is a member of the 2nd generation boy band, Super Junior. Eunhyuk has been admired for his gummy smile for years till now. He is known for hosting 'Weekly Idol' He served as a concert director for many artists and performance director for a TV show called  "Under Nineteen."


10. Jennie

Black Pink"s Jennie is also an idol who has a cute gummy smile. Born in South Korea, Jennie pursued her studies in New Zealand. Jennie is the lead rapper of her group. She is a part of "The Idol" an upcoming American TV series featuring in her name. She is also a fashionista and a model, featured in famous magazines like Dazed, Elle, and Vogue.