Article: Top 10 Funniest Celebrities In Japanese

We all admire comedians with perfect comic timings and celebrities that make us laugh without even being comedians. These celebrities are talented and hilarious. Their quirky and relatable personality will make you laugh till your stomach hurts. These celebrities don’t let rude comments affect them and continue shining and being funny. We have brought in a list of quick-witted personalities from Japan, and you won't be disappointed. These celebrities promise to leave you amazed by their talent and brilliant sense of humor.

1. Oguri Shun

Oguri Shun is a famous voice artist in Japan. He has worked in animated movies and several commercials. He is well known for his role in Hana- Kimi and Gintama. He is also a director, theatre artist, and DJ. The actor’s comic timing is brilliant.

2. Miyazon

Miyazon is hilarious in so many of his variety shows. He is part of Anzen Manzai, a comedy team. He has a realistic sense of humor. Comedy is not the only thing he can do. He can also play any melody on the piano or guitar by listening to it once.

3. Ayako Imoto

Ayako Imoto is a confident television personality. Ayako’s confidence was most visible when she attempted to climb Mount Everest in 2009. Ayako appeared in Sekai no Hatemade Itteq, where she explored wildlife as a reporter. She usually paints her eyebrows to make them look thick and wears a school uniform.

4. Takeshi Kitano

Takeshi Kitano is a legendary comedian and actor. He is famous for hosting the game show Takeshi’s Castle. The actor attended the Cannes Film Festival in 2000. He appeared in Airplane! The high energy and goofiness were a treat to watch. He is best known for his clever humor.

5. George Tokoro

He is a singer-songwriter and Japanese comedian. He amazed people with his role in Amaki. He is an incredibly versatile comedian and the voice behind the Japanese animated films Ponyo and Toy Story. George Tokoro also appears in live- action ALF you will be guaranteed a fun time watching him.

6. Sanma Akashiya

Sanma is a radio presenter and comedian and can be currently seen on the TV show Odoru! Sanma Goten!! He got ridiculed for his teeth, but he responded to all the negative comments with laughable self- deprecating jokes. He is known for keeping a conversation endlessly flowing.

7. Shinobu Otake

Shinobu Otake is known for her genuinely funny personality on and off the screen. She is known for her role in the comedy-drama Will to Live. She is hilarious and talented at the same time. She won an award for Best Actress for her comic role in Owl at the Moscow International Film Festival.

8. Tamori

He is one of the legendary comedians in Japan. He wears his statement dark sunglasses. He earned the Guinness World Record for Waratte Iitomo! The longest- running live television program. You will not be disappointed after watching his current show Tamori Club.

9. Tetsuko Kuroyanag

She is an actress, voice artist, and ambassador for UNICEF and is known for her generous personality. She successfully shows her hilarious side in the Japanese variety show It's Okay to Laugh! Viewers can't get enough of her jokes and compassionate nature.

10. Monta Mino

Monta Mino is an iconic television host and was awarded Guinness World Record for most live television appearances in a week. The actor is best known for his role in Boys Over Flowers. He is relentlessly but loved my people for his funny personality.