Article: Top 10 Talented Thai Choreographers 

The main dramatic art form of Thailand is Dance. Thai dance has two categories, High art (classical dance) and Low art (Folk dance). Everyone can enjoy the various entertainment forms in Thailand through dance or movies. Here are the top ten choreographers behind Thailand's success as an entertainment-rich country.

1. Tony Jaa

Born in Surin, Thailand, Tony Jaa is a well-known Thai choreographer. Tony Jaa, also known as Jaa Phanom, is a martial artist, actor, action choreographer, stuntman, director, and traceur. Tony's famous movies include Ong Bak 2: The Beginning, Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior, Furious 7, and many more.

2. Seri Wangnaitham

Seri Wangnaitham is a Thai choreographer and performer of traditional Thai dance. Born and brought up in Bangkok, Seri is known as Thailand's master khon dancer. 'Srisuk Nattakham' is one of his works that ran for 13 years.

3. Panna Rittikrai

Thailand's martial arts action choreographer, film director, screenwriter, and actor was born in Khon Kaen, Thailand. He trained Tony Jaa in 2003 for Ong Bak, which proved to be a success. Panna also tutored the famous female martial artist JeeJa Yanin.

4. Pichet Klunchun

Pichet is a Thai dancer and choreographer. Klunchun studied khon at the young age of 16. Pichet is a renowned artist and has contributed to modernizing Thailand's traditional khon dance and making Thailand proud.

5. Cris Horwang

Cris was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and is an actress, model, singer, MC, DJ, choreographer, and ballet teacher. Chris got into the entertainment industry at age 14. She is a renowned artist and known for her most notable role in Bangkok Traffic Love Story.

6. Dan Chupong 

Dan Changprung was born in 1981 in Kalasin Province, Thailand. His westernized name is Dan Chupong. Dan is an actor, choreographer, stuntman, and director. The renowned performer graduated with a bachelor's from the Srinakarinwirot Institute of Physical Education.

7. Jitti Chompee

Jitti Chompee comes from a ballet and contemporary dance background. As a renowned artist, he works with numerous khon dancers. Jitti is a talented director and choreographer spreading Thailand's culture around the globe.

8. Anucha Sumaman

Anucha Sumaman, inspired by Thailand's rich culture, pursued classical Thai arts. He gained knowledge about khon at age 12 and received his bachelor's degree in traditional Thai dance. He also proceeded to pursue a career in contemporary dance.

9. Tomer Oz

Tomer Oz was born in Israel. Ever since he was young, he trained in martial arts. After being in the army, Tomer pursued his professional martial art dream. Tomer trained furiously in New York before moving to Thailand as a choreographer/performer.

10. Lalisa Manobal

Lalisa Manobal, also known as Lisa of the famous k-pop group Blackpink, is a Thai rapper, singer, and dancer. The talented singer is a gifted dancer and is known for partly choreographing her solo debut 'Lalisa.'