Article: Top 10 Facts About Stray Kids You Might Not Know

Stray Kids are the next big name in the K-Pop industry. Recently they have been gaining a lot of fame and are also called the next big boy band after BTS. They are an eight-member group (initially nine, but a member had to leave for personal reasons), under the entertainment company, JYP Entertainment. Their members are – Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Felix, Hwang Hyunjin, Han, Seungmin, and IN and past member, Woojin. They debuted on March 25, 2018 (officially) with their song “Hellevator,” and a mixtape.

1. I.N’s Childhood

I.N, whose real name happens to be Yang Jeong-in surprisingly, was a child model and had braces that gave him that perfect smile for almost five years. I.N was born on the 8th of February, 2001, and as of now, his international age is 20 while his Korean age is 21.


2. Felix’s Freckles

Felix, whose Korean name is Lee Yong Bok, was very insecure due to his freckles but after being repeatedly told that he looks fantastic and with the fans supporting him, he has come to love his freckles and calls them his charming point, which is true and many of his pictures have gone viral.


3. Lee Minho Is Talented

Lee Minho, also popularly known as Lee Know is a very talented martial arts performer. He has previously done Hapkido (a hybrid form of Korean Martial Arts) and has second-degree black belts in bodyguard martial arts, and taekwondo (this was mentioned by him on their show named Two Kids Room, episode 05, season 1)


4. The Ninth Member

Stray kids originally had nine members when they debuted, the ninth member being Kim Woojin, who is said to have left Stray kids in 2019 due to some personal reasons, but many speculate that he was training to be a part of another group that goes by the name of NCT and was a former SM Entertainment trainee.


5. Lee Know, And BTS Connection

Lee Know was a trainee at JYP Entertainment for a year before debuting with the other members as Stray Kids. Before that, he was a backup dancer for the very famous Korean Boy Band, BTS, who even recognized him later during a performance (or so as we have seen on social media). He is now the dance leader of the Stray Kids.


6. Changbin Has A Series Of Nicknames

Changbin might have the most number of nicknames in the band. He is called Binnie, Toekjaengie, Jingjingie (which means whiny in English), Mogi (meaning mosquito) baby Changbin, and chin. He loves rapping and producing music. He is the vocalist and rapper of the band.


7. The Story Behind Visual Hyunjin

Easily the most recognized member of the group, which is why he is known as the visual of the group, although he doesn’t prefer to be called so. He was street cast by JYP Entertainment back in 2015 and is also the vocalist and rapper of the band.


8. Awards

Stray kids have won around 28 awards so far, including Choice Next Big Thing (part of the Teen Choice Awards), Best New Artist, Rookie of the Year, and have had other nominations as well. They have had around 61 nominations and are known to be one of the hottest boy bands in Korea and internationally. In 2021, the Stray Kids have been awarded best 3 New Artist (Asia), and Hot Trend Award.


9. Violence Allegations Against Hyunjin

Although many of the allegations that were made against Hyunjin were declared false and legal, actions were taken. Still, Hyunjin was sent on a Hiatus for over 100 days and has finally come back and that too, with a bang he recently released his dance video cover showing his brilliant moves on“Play with Fire,” feat. Yacht Money.


10. OT8 Comeback

After the long hiatus and month of waiting on June 25th, 2021, they released their comeback  Mixtape: OH, which was a surprise for all the Stays. The song trended on Twitter, and hashtags like “Hyunjin,” “Hyunjin Comeback, “and “He’s Back,” also trended for a long time, and he was congratulated everywhere for them.