Article: Top 10 Brilliant Houses Of Korean Celebrities

Fame brings fortune. Several Korean stars have amassed wealth because of K-dramas, K-pop, and K-mania, which has led them to own multiple lavish properties, including a penthouse suite or entire apartment building in Korea's most well-off districts. You will read 10 brilliant houses of Korean celebrities.

There is no doubt that fans catch wind of these celebrities buying new properties whenever they do so, especially since living and owning a home in South Korea isn't cheap. It shows how much they earn when they can afford to buy a lavish apartment in a posh district.

Would you like to find out who owns what? So, here are the top 10 brilliant houses of Korean celebrities.


1. BTS - Korean Celebrity

 As the best-selling artist, it's no wonder that BTS is the owner of expensive properties. Recently, RM and Jimin purchased apartments at Nine One Hannam, popularly known as the Beverly Hills of Korea, one of Seoul's most lavish complexes. As per sources, RM paid almost US$5.7 million for an apartment 293.93 square meters in size, while Jimin paid $5.3 million for the same suite.  Previous to this, RM purchased a US$4 million apartment in Hannam the Hill, which is also a home to BTS, one of Asia's most exclusive apartment buildings. Jimin had previously acquired an old apartment complex in nearby Banpo Jugong worth US$3.9 million. As of early this year, Jungkook bought a house in Itaewon. It features 230.72 square meters of space over two floors and costs $7 million. The apartment he purchased in Seoul Forest Trimage costs $1. 2 million, but he has sold it.

The apartment Jin bought on Hannam the Hill is his own. He gifted his parents this property valued at $3.4 million, giving them a 35 percent ownership stake.  Jin previously purchased a 614 square foot unit in 2018 for US$1.5 million and ultimately sold it in 2019.  In the UN Village, Suga bought an apartment worth about US$3 million. Meanwhile, V bought a 283-square-meter property in Apelbaum, Gangnam, valued at $4.55 million. As of 2016, J-hope was the first group member to hold an apartment in Trimaje, Seongsu. It is said to be worth $1.25 million.

korean celebrity bts


2. Jang Dong Gun And Ko So Young- Korean Celebrity

 P Apartment, the couple's home in Cheongdam-dong, offers a fantastic panoramic view of the Han River as well as a beautiful skyscraper. Building amenities reportedly include top-notch security, private elevators, and luxury community facilities. A 273.96-square-meter apartment sold for 11.5 billion Korean won (about $10 million) this March.

korean celebrity jang dong gun


3. G-Dragon (BIG BANG)- Korean Celebrity

 G-Dragon, a member of the K-Pop boy band Big Bang owns several luxurious properties. G-Dragon is a Chanel ambassador and one of the wealthiest K-pop stars who own many buildings and two cafes on Jeju Island. Galleria Fore, which price at $27 million, is one of them. Also, in 2017, he purchased an $8.8 million building.

korean celebrity G dragon


4. Song Joong Ki- Korean Celebrity

Song Joong Ki is the owner of a plot of land and house overlooking Hannam-dong. Last year, he started constructing a new home after demolishing the old one. The house has a two-story detached structure with three basement levels that cost 10 billion KRW (about $8.72 million). Also, in December 2019, Song purchased a condo for $2.28 million in Hawaii.

korean celebrity song joong ki


5. Bae Suzy- Korean Celebrity

 Bae Suzy owns a luxury building in Samseong, Gangnam, and she is known as the nation's first love. She purchased a US$3.7 million apartment thanks to her popularity as an actress, a member of the former Girl Group, Miss A, and is a beauty and fashion brand endorsement. According to Mnet's TMI News, she has also ranked the best female idol with the most expensive home.

korean celebrity bae suzy


6. Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun lives in a super-luxurious home designed by Jean Nouvel. G Apartment, with a view of the Han River, home appliances of a luxury brand, and marbled rooms. In addition, top-of-the-line amenities combine an indoor driving range with swimming pools and elevators that feature leather trim. The value of Kim Soo Hyun's apartment is 3.5 million dollars (about 4.02 billion KRW). Later, the actor bought an apartment within the same building for 3.02 billion KRW (about $2.63 million).

korean celebrity kim soo hyun


7. Song Hye-Kyo

Song Hye-Kyo enjoys a strong reputation throughout Asia and is the most sought-after actress in South Korea. According to reports, the actress recently bought a building for about US$17.5-19.5 million in Hannam. The building is seven years old and has five floors plus two basement levels. Additionally, to this recent purchase, Song owns three properties in the wealthy neighbourhood of Samseong, Gangnam. She sold one of her properties in 2020 for US$7 million. With Song as one of Korea's highest-paid actors, having multiple properties is nothing new for her.


8. Jun Ji Hyun

The real estate owned by Jun Ji Hyun is worth 80 billion KRW (equal to $69.72 million). The Nonhyeon building she bought in 2007 was worth US$7.1 million. She then purchased an Incheon building for US$4.8 million in 2013. Jun revealed one year later that she also owned US$14 million edifices in Nonhyeon and bought another US$3.6 million premises in the same neighbourhood in 2015. With her hard-earned wealth, she purchased a building in Gangnam for US$28.5 million in cash. In Samseong-dong, she is now living in the I apartment that she bought before she got married. Rooms that measure 167.72 square meters now cost approximately 5.07 billion KRW ($4.42 million).


9. Lee Ji Eun (IU)

 In Cheongdam, Seoul's upcoming high-end neighbourhood, IU, a well-known K-pop singer, and actress recently acquired an expensive penthouse flat. According to reports, she shelled out US$11.7 million in pure cash. As the highest floors of Eterno Cheongdam -the Super Pent apartments - cost US$26.5 million each when completed, it will become South Korea's most expensive property. IU is currently living at Raemian Caelitus in Yongsan, a district that offers beautiful views of the Han River. This residential area is worth between US$2.6 million and US$3.3 million.


10. Kim Tae-Hee And Rain

 The power couple is the kings and queens of real estate and among the wealthy Korean celebrities in real estate, being listed by Entertainment Weekly Live as the richest Korean celebrities in 2020. They own real estate worth about US$72 million.

Kim already owned three Gangnam properties worth US$12 million before she married Rain; meanwhile, Rain is the owner of many expensive properties. Besides his villa that costs US$5.3 million, he owns a shopping center priced at $21.4 million in Cheongdam. Three months before the couple married, they bought a US$4.4 million two-story house in Hannam. She reportedly received US$6.37 million when she sold the Gangnam apartment building in March, which she purchased in 2014.

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