Article: Top 10 Korean Reincarnation Movies

If you love watching Korean dramas with reincarnation themes, captivating storylines, and unique plot twists. Movies where there are special characters, from historical figures to modern-day characters, then given below are the top 10 Korean reincarnation movies.

1. Switch

Switch is a South Korean comedy movie starring Kwon Sang-woo, Oh Jung-se, Lee Min-Jung, and Hwang Seung-eon. It is a newly launched movie released in 2023. It is a story about a top scandalous celebrity. He got a mysterious and unexpected gift at Christmas that changed his life completely.

2. Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds

Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds is a South Korean fantasy film starring Kim Hyang-gi, Ha Jung-woo, Ja Ji-hoon, and Cha Tae-hyun. It was released in 2017. It is a story about three grim reapers who carry a firefighter to an afterlife. There, they will decide his fate.

3. The Beauty Inside

The Beauty Inside is a South Korean romantic comedy starring Han Hyo-joo, Park Seo-joon, Lee Dong-wook, Lee Jin-wook, and Seo Kang-joon. It was released in 2015.  It is a story about a man who wakes up in a different body every morning. This makes his life difficult. He can’t even have a proper relationship. But what will happen when he falls in love?

4. The King And The Clown

The King and the Clown is a South Korean thriller movie starring Lee Joon-gi, Kam Woo-sung, Jeong Jin-yeong, and Kang Sang-yeon. It was released in 2005. It is a story set in the Joseon dynasty. It is a story about two clowns who satirize the king and can get away with punishment if they make the king laugh. But they got involved in a dangerous love triangle.

5. A Werewolf Boy

A Werewolf Boy is a South Korean romance/melodrama movie starring Park Bo-young, Song Joong-ki, and Yoo Yeon-seok. It was released in 2012. It is a story about an older woman who was mysteriously summoned by a phone call. She then goes to a hut where she lived as a child. There, she remembers a boy with a mysterious past she fell in love with.

6. The Princess And The Matchmaker

The Princess and the Matchmaker is a South Korean romantic comedy movie starring Shim Eun-kyung, Choi Woo-shik, Lee Seung-gi, and Yeon Woo-jin. It was released in 2012. It is a story about a princess who wants to find her true love. She seeks help from a matchmaker who narrows his choices to four men. She took her fate into her own hands and decided to check out the candidates.

7. Time Renegades

Time Renegades is a South Korean sci-fi movie starring Im Soo-jung, Jo Jung-suk, and Lee Jin-wook. It was released in 2016. It is a story about two individuals from different periods. A 1983 high school teacher and a 2015 detective. They try to change their fates through time travel and to save the women they both love.

8. Spellbound

Spellbound is a South Korean romantic comedy movie starring Lee Min Ki, Son Ye-jin, and Hwang Seung-eon. It was released in 2011. It is a story about a magician. He has skittish behavior, and that is why he has trouble falling in love with someone. But what happens when he falls in love with a woman who has a mysterious past and can't date because of her unique sense?

9. Memories Of The Alhambra

Memories of the Alhambra is a South Korean sci-fi thriller starring Hyun Bin, Lee Jae-wook, and Park Shin-hye. It was released in 2018. It has one season. It is a story about a CEO of an investment company who gets addicted to the video game world and blurs the line between virtual reality and the game world.

10. W: Two Worlds Apart

W: Two Worlds Apart is a South Korean romance series starring Lee Jong-suk, Lee Tae-hwan, Han Hyo-joo, and Jeong Eu-gene. It was released in 2016. It has one season. It is a story about a surgeon. She enters an alternate universe while searching for her father’s disappearance. On this journey, she meets a man and tries to help him find the culprit behind his family’s horrific tragedy.