Article: Top Ten Evergreen Chinese Male Playback Singers

Music is an essential element of society. One simply cannot survive without music. This is the reason why there are no linguistic barriers to music. Especially in recent times after the widespread of social media network platforms and globalization, the gap has been narrowing between countries when it comes to the Entertainment industry. The Chinese Entertainment Industry is gaining widespread recognition across the world, especially in recent times. Thus we have researched about such male playback singers whose music is evergreen to the ears and can be enjoyed regardless of the time and era.

1. Jay Chou

Anybody who listens to Chinese music is pretty familiar with the singer Jay Chou. Jay Chou is a popular musician, often called as King of Mandopop. He is one of the best-selling artists of China. Jay Chou is not only a great singer but has also established his name as an actor.


2. Eason Chan 

Eason Chan is a very talented Chinese Musician born in British Hong Kong. Eason Chan has been active in the industry since 1995. From 2016 to 2020 he was the most played artist on Spotify, this shows his songs are truly timeless.  Eason Chan has been winning many awards for his great musical contribution.


3. Leslie Cheung 

Though the legend Leslie Cheung is no more in this world, his music has truly stood the test of time. His music has always been termed as evergreen. In his lifetime, Leslie Cheung has released a total of 40 albums. As an artist, he has broken various social barriers through his singing and acting career. Even now, his fans miss him and listen to his evergreen music.


4. Cui Jian 

Cui Jian is one of the most respected musicians of the Chinese entertainment industry, born in 1961. Cui Jian is called The Father of Chinese Rock. He also plays the trumpet and guitar. The singer-songwriter has pioneered the Chinese rock music industry. He is one of the most well-known musicians in China.


5. Wang Leehom 

Wang Leehom is one of the greatest singers and musicians in China. Wang Leehom has his roots in Taiwan, however, he was born in New York, and is an American. He is an Asian American. Wang is one of the most followed celebrities on Social media and has a huge influence over the public of China.


6. Lay Zhang 

Although Lay Zhang has little experience compared to other singers in this list. However, his age shouldn't be considered when looking at his talent. Lay Zhang is one of the most multifaceted and successful artists in the Chinese entertainment industry. He has established a very successful solo singer as well as his group schedules as a member of the k-pop group EXO.


7. Leon Lai 

Leon Lai was born on 11 December 1966. He is considered as Hongkong's one of the 'Four Heavenly Kings'. Leon Lai is also called as Lai-Ming or Li Ming. He is also a great actor, film director, and businessman.


8. Andy Lau 

The legend is Andy Lau is one of the most respected artists in the Chinese entertainment industry. He is a great actor and singer. He has been called as one of the Heavenly Kings of Cantopop among the four. Previously he was called Ricky Chan. He was born in British Hongkong.


9. Lu Han 

Another k-pop idol on this list, though Lu Han is no longer a k-pop artist but he has been a member of one of the biggest k-pop groups, EXO before leaving in 2014. The former Exo member is one of the most successful actors and singers in the Chinese entertainment industry despite his young age. He enjoys a great fan following.


10. Zhou Shen 

Zhou Shen is another young talent we have mentioned in this list of evergreen playback singers. Shen has sung a lot of hit songs, among which one single has been played for over 100 million! We are pretty sure with passing days he will consider as one of the legendary playback singers of China as at this young age he has already contributed some truly evergreen songs.