Article: The Top 10 Kpop Girl Groups Of All Time

Fin.K.L. (1998) and S.E.S. (1997) are the two "God Mothers" of Kpop girl groups. Before debuting the group, Kpop Entertainment organizations did an excellent job of preparing some of Korea's greatest vocalists and dancers. In the Kpop industry, girl groups have always been at a disadvantage. Many looked and sounded the same, but there were some who did exceptionally well.

Each Kpop Girl Group has its unique style and story to tell. Many people have used social media to grow their audience and allow fans inside their personal life.

Below is a list of the top ten best K-Pop girl groups of all time!

1. Girls' Generation

SM Entertainment formed the Girls' Generation (SNSD). Girls' Generation has been a part of the Kpop scene for 14 years. The nine-member group became one of the first Kpop groups to gain international recognition. Their onstage performances were both entertaining and bright, and they had a very naïve image. They're known as "The Nation's Girl Group," and many of their members have gone on to have successful solo careers. Gee, from their debut mini-album, was their biggest song and became a YouTube sensation.

They became the first Kpop girl group to win the Disk Daesang, South Korea's most prestigious honor, at the Golden Disc Awards in 2010. The Golden Disc Awards are South Korea's equivalent of the Grammys. Furthermore, they were highly successful in Japan, with sold-out shows regularly. Their three Japanese concert tours, for example, drew a total of 550,000 people.


2. 2NE1

Second place goes to the only 2NE1!

You may not believe it, was given YG's current state, but YG used to be quite selective when it came to debuting idol groups. 2NE1 was labeled the female Big Bang even before their debut. There were a lot of expectations placed on the group. And these ladies rose to the occasion.

With the release of their debut EP 2NE1 in 2009, the trio had rapid success. Lollipop, collaboration with label partners Big Bang, and Fire were included on the EP. Classics like I Don't Care, Go Away, Can't Nobody, I Am The Best, and Follow Me were released in the K-Pop industry.

In terms of domination and legendary reputation, 2NE1 was the female Big Bang. Crush, 2NE1's 2014 album, would have been a huge hit, but it also become the beginning of the end for the group, unbeknownst to blackjacks.

In November of 2016, YG surprised the globe by announcing that 2NE1 would be disbanded. In 2017, 2NE1 released their final single, Goodbye, bringing the group's era to a close.

The impact of 2NE1 on the K-Pop world can be measured in a variety of ways. Unlike any other girl group that existed before, during, or after their reign as K-queens. Their Pop Music, fashion, and hairstyles were all legendary.


3. Wonder Girls

Back in 2007, JYP Entertainment discovered a winner in this five-member Kpop girl quintet. No group was the first Kpop group to chart on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. As the opening act for the Jonas Brothers, they were one of the first Kpop groups to break into the American market. They were instrumental in the growth of the first generation of legendary Hallyu performers such as Girls Generation and 2NE1.



KARA is, without a doubt, the most successful group to emerge from DSP Media. For a Kpop girl group, KARA has it all. When they first debuted in 2007, they had only four members. They have beautiful visuals, a strong stage presence, and entertaining choreography. KARA was one of the first Kpop girl groups to achieve mainstream success in Japan, paving the path for future Kpop Girl Groups. The group had an incredible nine-year career, allowing them to enter this top ten list.



Red Velvet and TWICE, two new-gen girl groups, are tied for fifth place. These two girl groups, along with Blackpink, are part of the third-generation trio of K-Pop girl groups, formed by SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, respectively.

Red Velvet has created a name for itself as a band with a wide range of musical influences. Red Velvet is a name that represents two sides of the group, with Red representing the adorable part and Velvet representing the mature side. Red Velvet contains something for everyone, with bubble music like Happiness, Dumb Dumb, Power Up, and Russian Roulette, as well as sensual songs like Bad Boy and Automatic.

TWICE, on the other hand, lives from its bubbly catalog, which consists of upbeat pop songs. Cheer Up, Likey, Like OOH-AHH, Heartshaker, and the newly released Fancy (which is more mature than TWICE's prior singles) are some of their most popular songs.

Despite their debut less than four years ago, TWICE is now Korea's best-selling girl group, having recently formed S.E.S. TWICE is generally considered to be the successor to the Girls' Generation of the Nation's Girl Group.


6. Brown-Eyed Girls

The Brown-Eyed Girls, an extraordinary K-Pop act, come in sixth place!

The Brown-Eyed Girls, like our seventh-place Afterschool, have their legendary song: Abracadabra.

The trio had middling popularity for several years until achieving superstardom in 2009 with the release of Abracadabra. The song also gave birth to the legendary "Arrogant Dance." The Abracadabra era signaled a shift in the Brown-Eyed Girls' image, and they gained a reputation for adult and suggestive themes from then on. It was a contentious issue at the time.

Following Abracadabra, the members of the organization began to concentrate more on their activities. Gain and Narsha are two of the most notable members. Gain had a long career as a popular solo performer, while Narsha has established herself as a popular variety show host.

BEG began to slow down as a result of their concentration on individual hobbies, with their subsequent three albums taking two years to release. The bands performed a special tenth-anniversary event in 2016, but have not released another album since 2015.

The group, thankfully, has not disbanded. Although the members have all departed Nega Network, BEG has signed with Mystic Entertainment and is still together.


7. Afterschool

AFTERSCHOOL or A.S. is the name given to this six-piece band. They are the only K-Pop band with a notion of entrance and graduation: a method in which members are added or removed in a 'natural' manner. They made their official debut in January 2009, with their first single, "Because of You," reaching number one on numerous music charts. They debuted in Japan in 2011, replicating their Korean songs ‘Bang!', ‘Diva,'Shampoo,’ and ‘Because of You,' and reaching number seven on the Oricon Weekly Chart.

This girl group distinguishes out as artists who put on unrivaled live shows. They also practiced for six months for an athletic pole dancing performance that would be part of their new single "First Love," pulling out all the stops from tap dances to drum lines to cane dances for TV broadcasts.

8. S.E.S, Fin. K.L, And Baby Vox Are Among The Pioneers

Legends exist for both the lads and the girls! S.E.S, Fin. K.L, and Baby Vox are here!

Without the pioneers of the first generation; K-Pop would not be where it is now. S.E.S, Fin. K.L, and Baby Vox are the most influential girl groups. S.E.S., nicknamed the "female H.O.T." during their prime, is without a doubt the greatest of the three bands (H.O.T being attributed as being the idol group that made idol groups possible).

Baby Vox had the longest run, with a seven-year career before going on sabbatical and then disbanding two years later. Before disassembling, S.E.S and Fin. K.L had only been together for five years. Unfortunately, S.E.S. is the only band to make a modern comeback, which they did in 2016.


9. Sistar

Sistar, the Queens of Summer K-Pop, is in ninth place!

Sistar was formed by Starship Entertainment in 2010 and quickly gained a reputation for having more provocative music and tans. Yes, you read that correctly. In South Korea, pale skin is trendy. Tans? Not at all.

It didn't matter, though, because the group's hit single So Cool didn't take long to become a hit. The song debuted at number one on the Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100 chart shortly after its creation.

Summer arrives, and the females find their place. And boy, did the summer hits come in force. Touch My Body, I Swear, Loving U, and Shake It would go on to become Sistar's biggest hits, solidifying their position as the Queens of Summer K-Pop. However, all good things must come to an end, and the group disbanded in 2017 after performing their greatest hits and last title single, Lonely, on music shows.



YG Entertainment founded Blackpink in 2016, and the group made its debut in 2016. Blackpink is, undoubtedly, the finest Kpop girl group of all time, even though they have only been together for less than five years. With each new release, they continue to set new YouTube records. They are the first female Kpop group to have a song video with over 1 billion views on YouTube. Blackpink is the highest-charting female Kpop group on the Billboard Hot 100 with their duet with Selena Gomez, Ice Cream. Blackpink: Light Up the Sky, a Netflix documentary, is their own.