Article: Top 10 K-Pop Collaborations Fans Wish To See

Some of the most talented vocalists, rappers, and dancers in the entertainment industry are from K-pop. It has boy groups, girl groups, co-ed groups, soloists, and sub-units. And just like fans in any other industry, fans of K-pop adore and religiously follow their favorite K-pop idols and music. So when fans listen to a K-pop idol or an idol group that sounds interesting, they might think of watching a collaboration between some of their favorites. Collaborations are very common and very requested in K-pop. Collaborations between artists help them explore their talents, connect with fans, and form bonds with other artists. Collaborations are very exciting and unpredictable because fans anticipate something new from their favorites. Fans usually expect collaborations between idols they think would complement each other, but apart from that, it is impossible to guess about collaborations. You can never predict the sound, vibe, aesthetic, and mood. K-pop idols often talk about artists they like and would like to collaborate with. Fans sometimes wish for a collaboration between idols who are similar and fun to watch together. Here are 10 K-pop collaborations that fans wish to see.

1. Baekhyun X DK

Baekhyun from EXO is one of the most phenomenal idols who gained the title Genius Idol. His vocals will give you goosebumps with his powerful but soulful voice, incredible vocal tone, and control. His songs are fun and addictive, so people cannot help but sing and cover them. One of those idols is DK from Seventeen.  DK has powerhouse vocals that fans love to hear. After DK covered Baekhyun's Amusement Park, fans wish to see the two vocalists collaborate.

2. Taemin X Sunmi

Taemin is undoubtedly one of the most talented idols ever. His performances always steal hearts. Sunmi is a female idol known for her unique and charismatic music and concept. The two are unique, fatally attractive, and talented. Taemin and Sunmi collaborated during MAMA 2017, and netizens loved their stage. They performed their songs Move and Gashina together, and everyone was stunned at their chemistry and charisma. After watching the two on stage, fans wish to see them officially collaborate and make music that will blow our minds.

3. D.O X Suhyun

D.O. of EXO is famous for his incredible voice and charisma. His smooth, controlled, and powerful voice is captivating and well-loved. Suhyun is part of the famous duo AKMU and is known as a vocal angel because of her beautiful voice and incredible vocal level and tone. The two idols recently went viral for their marvelous live cover of Rewrite the Stars. The two stunned people with their mind-blowing vocals that complimented each other, and fans cannot help but wish for an official collaboration between the two.

4. Kai X Momo

Everyone who knows K-pop knows Kai of EXO. He is one of the best dancers in K-pop and goes viral for his fatal performances. Idols call Kai their role model and idolize him. Momo from Twice is one of the best female dancers who captivates people with her charisma. Momo and Kai did the dance challenge for his song Rover, and fans went wild about how good they two were. Fans desperately wish for a collab between the two after seeing the two idols dance together.

5. BoA X Key

BoA is a K-pop icon and one of the most accomplished female idols in K-pop. She released some of the most iconic music in K-pop. Shinee member Key is one of the most charming male idols who is not afraid to speak his mind. Key is a girl-group fan and dances to girl-group songs with perfection. Fans want the two to collaborate to see a performance filled with charisma and finesse because the two have an aura that screams confidence and experience.

6. Seungkwan X Haechan

Seungkwan from Seventeen is a name that most K-pop fans know. He is the main vocalist and the mood maker of Seventeen. Seungkwan is known for his humor and personality. Seungkwan has an incredible voice and technical vocals. NCT member Haechan has a unique, catchy voice and is a talented vocalist. The two are great vocalists but also have similar fun and energetic personalities. So, fans have been waiting for them to collaborate for a while, especially after seeing their interaction at Music Bank.

7. 3RACHA X Soyeon

(G)I-DLE's Soyeon is full of phenomenal talent and is one of the best female rappers in K-pop. Everyone knows the producing sub-unit 3RACHA from Stray Kids. They make some of the most unique and fun music for their group. After they rocked the stage together at KCON, fans want to see their collaboration because of how great it would be to see them mix their talents and make incredible music.

8. (G)I-DLE X Mamamoo

Mamamoo and (G)I-DLE are two girl groups known for being very charismatic and talented. Both the groups showcase their talents in their music and are very daring with it. They are not scared to talk about serious themes and fans love their confidence. The members have charming personalities, and the fans admit that, together, the two would steal their hearts. Fans wish to see a collaboration between the two because it would no doubt create an epic performance with powerhouse vocals, rap, and captivating visuals.

9. IU X Taeyeon

IU and Taeyeon are always on top of every list of talented idols. They are both incredibly charming and skilled vocalists who are some of the most loved female idols. The two soloists have incredible vocals but different tones because IU has a light and airy voice, and Taeyeon has a rich and powerful tone. With amazing songs like Spark, Gravity, Lilac, and Eight, the two soloists are well-loved and adored by fans who wonder what they will sound like on a song together. Fans wish to see a collab between the two vocalists and the breathtaking music they would make.

10. Blackpink X Red Velvet

Blackpink and Red Velvet are very popular and talented among girl groups in K-pop. Red Velvet and Blackpink have unique and fun concepts and aesthetics that often go viral. Their songs Boombayah, Bad Boy, Red Flavor, and Pink Venom are some of the most iconic K-pop songs that everyone knows, sings, and dances along to. The members of the groups are also friends, and fans want the collab that will be a sensation in K-pop.