Article: Top 10 Anime Who Is Known For Their Unseen Fan Service

Flaunting skin has become a culture in anime, where many anime use an overdose of this particular segment, killing the entire plot, while some pass with flying colours. Sometimes, it's OVA episodes of characters having communal baths or other times, it's just unnecessary flex. Here, we will talk about the top 10 anime known for their unseen fan service.

1. Korewa Zombie Desuka

Korewa Zombie Desuka is a next-level show where Ayumu turns into a zombie after his death by Eucliwood, and thus, she starts living with him along with two other girls. Things will get heated if one has so many girls around. The imagination of Ayumu is wild, and the anime's scenes are even more erotic.

2. Redo The Healer

Redo the healer takes revenge to the next level, which seems very erotic to viewers. It's about the hero of healing whom fellow heroes brutally torment, and thus, he redo the world to pay back their depth. He torments each one of them in the most erotic and brutal way possible and pays back 10X the pain and humiliation that they had given to him.

3. Strike The Blood

Strike the Blood is about the genesis of a fourth progenitor who wasn't supposed to exist, but somehow, a high school guy gets this position of the world's strongest vampire. This guy has so many beautiful girls as her blood servants, and each of them somehow crushes over him. He is seen sucking the Blood out of so many stunning ladies, and this only happens when he is excited, and the ladies try to make him excited by unwrapping their clothes.

4. Darling In The Franxx

Darling in the Franxx is based on a very distinct era where humanity has attained immortality and lives within a mobile dome. In order to protect them from a weird threat, Franxx is made who is driven by a pair of males and females. Females have to bow down, and males stand while using the Franxx.

5. Food Wars

Food War is a decent show that, most importantly, focuses on food, yet sometimes, it comes so close to the food that the images stick in our heads. One cannot ignore the slime-like body that is shown along with food, and it gets hard for people to focus on food.

6. Shimoneta

Shimoenta is all about a nightmarish world, which is none other than a not-nut November hub. It's a world where doing anything inappropriate is banned, and thus people are always on edge, so eager that they might not hesitate to hump a chair. Moreover, one particular scene in Shimoenta also comprises an uncensored version.

7. Highschool Of Dead

The scenes in this anime are filled with lewd scenarios, which might sound uncanny since it's a zombie apocalypse show, yet they managed to accomplish it perfectly. There is a very erotic scene when they fire a sniper, taking a headrest on a female breast.

8. Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale is good at fan service, and one can clearly see it from a character who literally gets half-naked during major fights. There is even a scenario where two of the main characters turn into erotic dancers for the accomplishment of their mission.

9. Free

Free is another version of Yuri on Ice, but they only lack the pesky clothes. The anime is about swimming, and it is obvious to see half-naked boys with large male cast, yet the spice content lies within the homoerotic subtext.

10. Prison School

Prison School is none other than a fan service masterpiece with cameras that can pop up from any pervy angle. It is about five pervy boys landing in a girls' school and everything that happens after it.