Article: Best Dramas And Movies Featuring Hamabe Minami

Born on 29th August 2000, Hamabe Minami is a popular Japanese actress. She has starred in many blockbuster television series and movies, since her teenage. She began her career by wining 7th Toho Cinderella Audition. After that, she has starred in numerous films and series. She gained attention after starring in the live-action movie Let Me Eat Your Pancreas. In 2019, she starred in The Great War of Archimedes, which was among the highest grossing Japanese film in 2019. Hamabe has also won many awards including, 30th Nikkan Sports Film Awards for Best Newcomer, 42nd Hochi Film Awards for Best New Artist, 41st Japan Academy Prize for Newcomer of the year, and many more. So here is a compilation of the best dramas and movies featuring Hamabe Minami.

1. Ranman

Ranman is a Japanese drama released in 2023. The drama is based on the story of a botanist. Mantaro came rom a rich family in Kochi, Japan. His family owned a brewery. He was sickly and became the target for the bullies. When he was in school, he got fascinated towards plants, so he joined Teikoku University in Tokyo. He studied botany and worked as a research assistant with the ambition of making encyclopedia on all plants in Japan. Kamiki Ryunosuke and Hamabe Minami play the leading roles in the drama.

2. Dr. White

Dr. White is a mystery comedy Japanese drama released in 2022. The drama tells the story of Byakuya. Byakuya was found unconscious in a park, and was wearing white clothes. When taken to the hospital, except for her name, she doesn’t remember anything. She has a genius-like diagnostic ability and can diagnose diseases with minimum description. Now, she begins to work for the diagnosis team at the same hospital. Hamabe Minami and Emoto Tasuku play the leading roles in the drama.

3. My Daughter Doesn’t Have A Boyfriend

My Daughter Doesn’t Have a Boyfriend is a romantic comedy Japanese drama released in 2021. The drama tells the story of a mother and a daughter. Aoi Minase is a successful romance novels author, in her forties. She has a twenty-years-old daughter. She is worried about her daughter as she doesn’t have a boyfriend, and her being an otaku makes it even more challenging to interact with people. Meanwhile, the daughter is worried about her mother as she may seem naïve and unwise to people. Kanno Miho and Hamane Minami play the leading roles in the drama.

4. Talio: Avengers Buddies

Talio: Avenger Buddies is a thriller comedy Japanese drama released in 2020. The drama tells the story of a young lawyer. Mami Shirasawa became a lawyer at the age of 20. She joins a big law firm, but could not get any case in hand because of her young age. But things changed when her colleague droped a case and she grabbed the opportunity. A wman named Yoriko Watanauki, was sexually assaulted by the son of the owner of a large construction company. The story progressed as they both began to fight against the unjust. Hamabe Minami and Okada Masaki play the leading roles in the drama.

5. Cursed In Love

Cursed in Love is a romantic thriller Japanese drama released in 2020. The drama revolves around two childhood sweethearts. Hanaoka Nao’s mother worked as a traditional Japanese confectioner at Kogetsuan. There, Nao meets Takatsuki Tsubaki, the son of the owner. One day, Tsubaki’s father was murdered and Nao’ mother was accused and arrested, because of Tsubaki’s statement. Nao was left homeless and wanted to prove the innocence of her mother. So, she disguised herself as Sakura and went to work at the same sweet shop. The story progresses as she investigates to find out the truth and also falls in love.

6. Silent Love

Silent Love is a romantic Japanese film released in 2024. The movie tells the story of a mute man and a blind woman. Aoi is a young man who lost his ability to speak due to an unfortunate accident. one day, he met Mika. She is a music student who wants to become a pianist. But due to an accident, she lost her sight. Aoi is attracted to her and protects her from any danger. Yamada Ryosuke and Hamabe Minami play the leading roles in the movie.

7. One Day You Will Reach The Sea

One Day You Will Reach the Sea is a Japanese film released in 2022. The movie tells the story of a girl named Mana. Mana Kotani and Sumire Utsuki are best friends. Mana admired Sumire’s freewheeling aways and mysterious charm. One day, Sumire broke off connections with Mana. Later, mana found out about Sumire’s death and was deeply saddened. Kishii Yukino and Hamabe Minami play the leading roles in the film.

8. Murder At Shijinso

Murder at Shijinso is a thriller mystery Japanese film, released in 2019. The movie tells the story of three university students. Yuzuru Hamura and Kyosuke Akechi are university students, and both love mystery novels. They joined the university’s mystery club, which was led by Kyosuke Akechi. There they met Hiruko Kenzaki. The three attended the same university and decided to participate in a summer camp and stay at Shijinso Pension. On the next day, they found a murder had taken place in the retirement. Kamiki Ryunosuke, Hamabe Minami, and Nakamura Tomoya play the leading roles in the film.

9. Kakegurui The Movie

Kakaegurui the Movie is a Japanese movie released in 2019. The film revolves around Hyakkaou Academy. Hakkaou Private Academy is not a usual educational academy. It is a prestigious institution for the privileged and was established 122 years ago. Here, the students are ranked according to their gambling winnings. The winners receive fame and fortune. One day, Yumeko Jabami, a transfer student, joins the university, who is pretty and a gambling maniac. Hamabe Minami, Takasugi Mahiro, and Morikawa Aoi play the leading roles in the film.

10. Sensei Kunshu

Sensei Kunsu is a romantic comedy Japanese movie that was released in 2018. The film revolves around Samaru Ayuha. Samaru Ayuha is a diligent high school student. She is honest and hardworking at everything she does. One day, she got in trouble in a restaurant due to money. The next day, she found out that he was her new homeroom teacher who came to replace her ill homeroom teacher. She thought that this was her fate and began to express her feelings for him. Hamabe Minami and Takeuchi Ryoma play the leading roles in the film.