Article: Top 10 Best Sub-Units In K-Pop

K-pop is an industry filled to the brim with talent. Numerous K-pop groups represent the extraordinary talent that is present in K-pop. K-pop consists of male and female groups and a few groups that consist of both male and female members, soloists, and sub-units. K-pop groups form after rigorous training and thorough planning, with members that fit the group concept, image, and overall vibe. So, idols get added into groups with careful thought. One fascinating concept in K-pop is the re-debut of members in terms of solo projects or, in this case, as sub-units. Sub-units consist of members of an existing K-pop group that debut as a team of duo, trio, or a few members from the original group. The members selected for the unit usually have a similar background, tone, or vibe that will reflect on the music for the sub-unit. So, members that suit a concept and vibe debut as a sub-unit. From a group, rappers, vocalists, and dancers can form into sub-units to showcase a particular talent. K-pop group members can showcase their talent and personality in different aspects of a sub-unit. Here are some of the best sub-units in K-pop.

1. Seventeen BSS

BSS is one of the most popular sub-units in K-pop. The unit consists of the Seventeen members Boo Seungkwan. Lee Seokmin and Kwon Soonyoung, hence getting the name BSS or BooSeokSoon. BSS is famously known for its energetic and hype music and personalities. The members give off uplifting messages about life with their songs. BSS has gone viral for their live performances at award shows because they turn shows into concerts with their energy and entertain everyone watching, even other idols. Some of their famous songs include  Just Do It, Fighting, and Lunch.


EXO CBX is undoubtedly one of the most talented and famous K-pop sub-units ever. The sub-unit comprises the members Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin of EXO. Though the members are the vocalists of EXO, they show their various talents in CBX with fun themes, rap-focused music, vocal runs, and dancing. CBX has a chill and retro vibe. The incredible synergy of the trio is reflected in their music because it is phenomenal. From the R&B and funk-influenced songs, aesthetics, and styling of the videos and the members to the synchronized choreography to the jaw-dropping vocals, CBX never fails to capture hearts. Some of their best music includes Hey Mama, Blooming Days, Monday Blues, and Paper Cuts.

3. NCT U

NCT is a K-pop group with a unique concept with various sub-units and members. The sub-unit NCT U is one of the best sub-units in K-pop, with its unique and fun way of rotating members depending on the concept of their music and vibe. NCT U consists of different NCT members in every song released. Since the sub-unit does not have fixed members, it mixes varying members according to the vibe of the music. This way, members can showcase their artistry and chemistry with different line-ups of NCT members. Some of the best NCT U songs are Boss, Make Wish, From Home, The 7th Sense, and Baggy Jeans.

4. Triple H

Triple H was an iconic co-ed sub-unit in K-pop. The sub-unit featured Hui and Edawn of Pentagon and soloist Hyuna. The trio was a part of the same company, and the sub-unit debuted with much praise. Triple H was a one-of-a-kind sub-unit with an iconic concept that stunned everyone and funky and fun music. The sub-unit stole hearts with the chemistry between the trio, their daring and futuristic concept, and their refreshing songs. Though the sub-unit disbanded, they have some well-loved songs like 365 Fresh, Retro Future, and Girl Girl Girl.

5. Orange Caramel

Orange Caramel was a famous sub-unit of the group After School. The unit consisted of members Nana, Lizzy, and Raina. After its debut, the sub-unit became an instant hit in K-pop, and fans loved the concept and music of Orange Caramel. The sub-unit was funky, quirky, and fun and captivated fans with its unique vibe. The members showed their skills and another side of themselves that captured hearts. Orange Caramel made iconic and catchy music that has never been made again after them. Some of their most iconic songs are Catallena, Shanghai Romance, Magic Girl and Lipstick.


SNSD-TaeTiSeo, or TTS, is one of the most iconic sub-units in K-pop. The trio of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun of SNSD, one of the best girl groups in K-pop, formed the sub-unit. The members were the powerhouse vocalists of SNSD, or Girls Generation, and left jaws hanging open with incredible vocals and endless charisma. TTS is often considered one of the most perfectly created sub-units because of its powerful, skilled, and charismatic trio. The sub-unit is iconic in K-pop and gave unforgettable hits like Checkmate, Twinkle, Dear Santa, and Adrenaline.

7. Red Velvet- Irene & Seulgi

Red Velvet members Irene & Seulgi debuted as an iconic duo. The duo took the internet by storm with their music, and fans loved the dark and intriguing concept of their song, Monster. Fans were left stunned with their jaws dropped because of the music video for Monster, as Irene and Seulgi captivated them with sensual charisma. They showed their phenomenal dancing talent with their song Naughty, where they performed intricate tutting choreography. Naughty went viral as fans and even idols did the dance challenge for Naughty.

8. MiSaMo

MiSaMo is the sub-unit of Japanese members Mina, Sana, and Momo from Twice. The members debuted as a sub-unit and took the internet by storm. For a long time, fans expressed how much they wanted to see the Japanese trio as a sub-unit and how iconic it would be, so when the trio debuted, fans were in awe of the unit. MiSaMo stunned fans with their duality when they released their songs Marshmallow and Do Not Touch. Fans fell in love with their music, loving how their talent shined.


3RACHA is the producing sub-unit of the K-pop group Stray Kids. Famous, genius trio Chan, Changbin, and Han form 3RACHA, who are famous for not only being talented idols but also talented producers. The trio released music as 3RACHA before their debut in Stray Kids and produced all Stray Kids music after their debut. The talented 3RACHA is behind the iconic and unique sound of Stray Kids. Their masterpieces include Miroh, Matryoshka, Cheese, God's Menu, and Thunderous.


NCT DJJ is the fixed sub-unit of NCT consisting of members Doyoung, Jaehyun, and Jungwoo. The sub-unit stunned fans with the announcement of their debut, and fans anticipated the music representing the trio’s sound. DJJ captured hearts with their debut mini-album Perfume. Fans were mesmerized by the R&B and groovy tone of the album, the beautiful visuals of the members, and their incredible vocals. The trip showcased their unique vocal tones through different songs and captivated the audience during live performances.