Article: Top 10 Idols Who Actively Go live

VLive is an app where idols share their thoughts and actions with their fans by going live. It is a platform where fans can send comments and hearts and watch their favorite k-idols talk. Also, idols use other platforms such as TikTok, Youtube Live, Weverse, Instagram, and Twitch to share their daily lives. Through these lives, there are sometimes fun events conducted, or they may just come to check up on their fans. They share TMI, read comments, and answer them. Among all the idols, some idols keep doing their lives regularly to stay in touch with their fans. Here is a list of the top K-idols who frequently go live.

1. Bang Chan

Bang Chan is the eldest member and the leader of Stray Kids, a boy band formed in a survival show under JYP Entertainment. He is a producer, songwriter, and vocalist. Bang Chan does “Chan’s Room” every weekend on VLive. Almost all members of Stray Kids go live on VLive pretty often. Lee Know is the second eldest member of the group and does short Vlives on his return from MCing in Mucore by MBC on Saturdays.

2. Kevin Moon

Kevin is a member of THE BOYZ under IST Entertainment. He made his debut in the group as a leading vocalist in 2017. He is a fine artist and has designed THE BOYZ logo. Kevin Moon has done VLives often. Many of his Vlive funny moments are viral among K-Pop fans. He is a Canadian-Korean who moved to Korea at eighteen for his idol training.

3. Jackson

The Chinese member of GOT7, Jackson Wang, is one of the well-known idols in the K-Pop Industry. He founded the Team Wang Record Label and Team Wang Design, a fashion brand. Jackson has won many awards and is popular both in Korea and China. Jackson often uses his Instagram live feature to connect with his fans. He talks about his daily life and fun stuff while he goes live.

4. Jessi

Jessica Ho or commonly called Jessi is a 33-year-old solo artist previously under P Nation is an artist who was born and raised in America. She came to Korea at eighteen to pursue her career as an idol. She debuted in 2005 in a Music Bank. Jessi is known to go live on Instagram often, as seen by her fans.

5. Dongmyeong

ONEWE is a five-membered group with its members CyA, Harin, Yonghoon, Dongmyeong, and Kanghyun that debuted in 2015 under Modern Music. Born in 2000, Dongmyeong is the lead vocalist and visual of ONEWE. He also plays the keyboard for his band. ONEWE members go live often on the VLive platform. Among them, Dongmyeong goes live often.

6. Seong Hwa

Seong Hwa is the eldest member of ATEEZ, an eight-membered boy band under KQ Entertainment. He serves as the vocalist and visual for his group. He has the nickname “mom of ATEEZ,” as he is the eldest of the group and often goes around cleaning the dorm. Seong Hwa goes live on Youtube. All members of ATEEZ go live on Youtube to share their thoughts.

7. Keeho

Keeho is the leader and vocalist of the upcoming boy group P1Harmony. P1Harmony is a six-member group that made its debut in 2020 under FNC Entertainment. Keeho is the eldest member of his group. He is an active user known to be using the VLive platform to share his views with his fans. He has shared many TMIs in his VLive, and fans say he shows his funny side when he talks with his fans.

8. Junji

Junji is the lead vocalist of “OnlyOneOf,” the first boy band with six members under 8D Creative. Junji often communicates with his fans on the VLive Platform to share his thoughts and TMIs. He also sometimes advises his fans through these lives. Junji made his solo debut in August this year with his new digital single “be mine.”

9. Jaeyoon

Jaeyoon is a dancer and leading vocalist of the band SF9 under FNC Entertainment. He made his debut in the year 2016. Jaeyoon is known for having a bright personality and often enlights the room. He has sung OSTs for dramas and acted in dramas with lead and supporting roles. He uses VLive to approach his fans and likes to talk to them about his day.

10. Jae Park

Jae Park is a former member of the famous boy band “Day6”. He was an electronic guitarist and vocalist when he made his debut in 2015. He is an American-Korean born in Argentina and later moved to California. In 2021, Jae left JYP and later joined DIVE Studios. He likes to talk with fans and uses Twitch to go live to share his thoughts.