Article: Top Ten K-Dramas With Amazing Screenwriting

In this list, we will talk about some of the best K-dramas with excellent screenwriting. There are a lot of K-dramas that are well known for their brilliant ensemble and exciting storytelling.

1. Reply 1988

In Reply 1988, we have five protagonists: Jung-Hwan, Sun-Woo, Taek, Duk-Sun, and Dong-Ryong. They have been friends ever since they were children. They grew up and were raised together. Like the children, the families are also close to each other. Each of them has their dreams and goals. Their families have their issues as well. We see them face challenges in their lives and how they grow together. This series has fantastic screenwriting and a fantastic cast.

2. Signal  

In Signal, we are following Hae-Young, our protagonist, who is a criminal profiler. Despite his profession, he does not trust or like police officers. We find out later that as a child, Hae-Young's classmate Yoon-Jung was kidnapped and murdered. The case was never solved, and the killer was never caught by the police. Years later, while at work, Hae-Young starts talking to a mysterious man over a walkie-talkie. This man is Detective Jae-Han, and he is investigating the death of Yoon-Jung. The pacing and the tension in this series are well-built. The screenwriting is done brilliantly in these series.

3. Stranger

In Stranger, we follow Hwang Si-Mok, a prosecutor. As a child, Si-Mok had undergone brain surgery, which made him lose emotions. He is a cold and lonely individual. One day, he suddenly runs into Han Yeo-Jin, who is a police lieutenant. Yeo-Jin is a bright and warm individual. Together, they team up to stop corruption in the prosecutor’s office. The acting, as well as the screenwriting in Signal, was done exceptionally well.

4. Live

In Live, we follow the lives of the police officers in the precinct. They show the joys and challenges each of them faces in their lives as police officers. We follow Jung-O, a single mother trying to find a job. After passing the police examination, she enters the academy. At the academy, she meets Sang-Soo. The cast has done a fantastic job in this series. Every character has been allowed to shine. The screenwriting will make you experience a rollercoaster of emotions.

5. Prison Playbook 

In Prison Playbook, we follow Je-Hyeok, a fantastic baseball player. He is an exceptional pitcher whose career is on the rise. However, one night, his entire life changes when Je-Hyeok fights a man who was assaulting his sister. Je-Hyeok is unfairly given a year in prison for using force. We see how Je-Hyeok must adapt to life in prison. The screenwriting is exceptional in this series.

6. Coffee Prince

In Coffee Prince, we follow Han-Gyeol, a bright young man who does not like to work. He does not want to stay in one career, nor does he want to inherit the family business. His grandmother had ordered Gyeol to manage a café. In the café, he meets Eun-Chan, a bright and beautiful girl with a unique personality. The screenwriting is done wonderfully in this series. The screenwriting is very progressive for its time.

7. The Glory

In The Glory, we follow a high school girl named Moon Don-Eun. She was a victim of school violence and was bullied by her classmates. She was abandoned by her mother and the teachers in her school. When she drops out of high school, she vows to take revenge on all those involved. The screenwriting is fantastic in this series. It keeps you hooked and on the edge of your seat till the end.

8. Kingdom

In Kingdom, we follow Lee Chang, who is a prince in the Josen era. This series is quite an interesting take on zombies. We follow Lee Chan trying to protect his throne not only from his political enemies but also from mysterious zombies who are lurking. The screenwriting is done very well in this series. It is well-paced and very entertaining.

9. Guardian: The Lonely And Great God

In this series, we follow Kim Shin, a Goblin. As punishment for his sins, Kim Shin is cursed to be an immortal Goblin. The Goblin’s wife is the one person who can kill him. After years of living, Kim Shin has become cynical and tired. We also follow Ji Eun-Tak, a bubbly young woman with the extraordinary ability to communicate with spirits. She also happens to be the Goblin’s wife. The screenwriting in this series is impressive, and this is what makes Guardian one of the most iconic and well-known k-dramas of all time.

10. Good Manager

In Good Manager, we follow Kim Sung-Ryong, a man who used to manage the funds for gangs. He unexpectedly becomes the chief of the accounting department of a company. His initial goal was to embezzle money out of the company. However, after he becomes attached to the people working there, Sung-Ryong decides to save the dying company.